Feeling Spooky? A Haunted Road Trip Around Florida

By  //  May 8, 2023

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There’s much more to Florida than amusement parks and beaches. The Sunshine State can also be an ideal stomping ground for paranormal enthusiasts.

With its history of conquistadors, mobsters, military battles, and death at sea, there are plenty of reasons Florida is a haunted paradise. 

You’ll find plenty of spooky stops along I-95. So a road trip down Florida’s east coast will not disappoint. Get a reliable vehicle, a road buddy, and a map, and you’re in for a trip for the history books. Just ensure you get the best car insurance rates in Florida so your only scares are from the paranormal. 

For starters, head over to St. Augustine, then hop on I-95 and stop at all the best haunts down the coast. Finally, wrap up your road trip with Coral Castle in Homestead. 

Spend a Night with the Ghosts of St. Augustine

The oldest city in America is the best place to start and set the proper mood. St. Augustine is famous for its many attractions. Known for elite golf courses, live music, and an old-world downtown, it also boasts a rich paranormal environment. 

Not only is the city full of ghosts of conquistadors, a notorious jail, and tragedy surrounding the lighthouse, but it’s also full of haunted B&Bs. Spend a night at the Casa de Solana before visiting the notoriously haunted lighthouse. 

Two Pittee sisters and an unnamed African-American girl perished while playing at the construction site for the new St. Augustine Lighthouse in 1873. Many have reported hearing unaccounted-for girls’ laughter floating on the grounds and the sounds of footsteps running up the lighthouse steps.

Move Down the Coast to Bulow Plantation Ruins

Next stop on the best-haunted road trip you’ve ever taken, wander the grounds of the ruined Bulow Plantation. 

Despite the Bulow family’s good relationship with the Seminoles in the area, the plantation was overtaken by Major Benjamin Putnam and used as an outpost in the war on the Seminoles. In response, the Seminoles burned the plantation, and Charles Bulow died mysteriously in St. Augustine just a few months later. 

The ambiguity of Bulow’s death and the circumstances around the burning of the plantation lead many to believe the family and the plantation bear a Seminole curse.

Partake in a Seance in Cassadaga

No Florida haunting tour would be complete without stopping by the spiritualist headquarters in Cassadaga. The spiritualist culture in Cassadaga runs deep. 

A spiritual camp was established by a Minnesota medium in the location chosen by a “Congress of Spirits.” This location turned out to be Cassadaga, Florida. Since then, a flourishing community of mediums, psychics, and healers has gathered.

Reportedly, a vortex in Cassadaga blurs the lines between physical and spiritual realms. Spend the night with friendly ghosts who reside in the Cassadaga Hotel. Or stay in the Historic Ann Stevens house, which offers seances and paranormal investigations in their overnight packages.

Shop With Ghosts of Palm Beach

There are many more haunted spots along the coast, but Palm Beach is the fanciest. From swanky bars and hotels to high-end shopping, there’s a ghost story for that. In addition, there are ghost tour companies for every personality. 

Gucci moved its store from its original Worth Avenue location to escape the meddling of a poltergeist. A pub facade and interior shipped from London brought with it its famous 19th-century ghost, Bertha Starkey. 

Even while you stroll the beaches in the evening, you can catch the sounds of Seminole ghost parties in the breeze. Also exciting, you might even spot some turtles since these beaches are active sea turtle nesting grounds

Step Into the Past at the Deering Estate

Your paranormal extravaganza would not be complete without visiting the Deering Estate. Built by a 20th-century titan of industry on an ancient burial ground, the Deering Estate is prime haunting material. 

Archeological evidence found on the premises dates back 10,000 years. In addition, the estate has hosted TV shows and paranormal investigators. All stamp their seal of approval stating the estate is certifiably haunted. 

Finish with the Magnetism of Coral Castle

One last stop in southern Florida, Coral Castle offers a piece de resistance in ancient mystery. Ed Leedskalnin, the architect behind the monumental oolitic limestone masterpiece, was a diminutive, solitary man who claims to have harnessed the power of the ancient Egyptians. 

No one actually knows how the man moved the monolithic pieces of coral into place by himself. He ascribed to the mystical powers of magnetism. Visitors to Coral Castle report that they are inexplicably energized while on site. Leedskalnin supposedly still walks the grounds and talks with visitors. 

How to top a mysterious modern marvel with spiritual energy is a tall order. Where you go from there is up to you, but your exploration of the paranormal will no doubt change you. Feel free to explore these other haunted houses in the U.S. 

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