How to Obtain Dominica Citizenship

By  //  May 9, 2023

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It is fantastic to be able to enjoy all the benefits that are available to legal residents of an island in the Eastern Caribbean.

However, it is necessary to choose the right conditions and appreciate all the benefits the island state provides with a golden visa to get Dominica citizenship by investment.

Benefits of program

According to Immigrant Invest expert Victor Esik, this country is one of the safest places with a high standard of living. A participant in the program can:

  1. Travel to 144 countries without a visa.
  2. Apply for a visa to America for ten years.
  3. Become a dual national. 
  4. Use the simplified system of taxation.
  5. Apply for permanent residency remotely.
  6. Get banking confidentiality.

The above advantages are for those who have chosen an immigration program. Learning more about the main benefits of Dominica passport from the leading specialists of the Immigrant Invest agency is possible. 

Visa-free Travel

For many people, obtaining Dominica citizenship is a chance to see the world and to move around freely. In addition, citizens have the right to stay in the territory of another state for up to 3 months. 

Anyone wishing to visit Asian countries such as Singapore or Hong Kong can stay 30 to 90 days under the conditions prescribed by law. 

Investment Opportunities

When a potential investor decides to invest in another country, in addition to the benefits, he wants to obtain profit by buying real estate, financing the extraction of electricity and other resources, tourism, and investing in the IT sector.

Tax Benefits

If the program participant has decided not to reside permanently in the state, Dominica gives an eligible right and levies taxes under a simplified system. Therefore, getting a deferral of taxes, duties, and other payments is possible. 

Education and Healthcare

The quality of knowledge received is high, and children can receive scholarships or grants. The private institutions are popular here, the price of which can reach up to 10,000 dollars a year. 

After getting the Dominica passport, the participant must take out insurance and choose a hospital. Medical care is entirely fee-for-service, and the quality and service of patients correspond to this. 

Eligibility Requirements 

There are several ways to obtain the cherished passport:

  • a close blood relationship with a citizen of that country;
  • residence in the Dominican Republic for more than seven years;
  • marriage to a Dominican citizen;
  • investment.

The most common is investing in the development of the country.   

Investment Requirements

Participation in this investment program requires a minimum donation of $100,000. This amount will go to the National Economic Development Fund per person. It grows for each addition of a relative to the program. 

If a member decides to invest in real estate, the minimum price will be about $200,000. Within three years, the property must not be offered for sale.  

Due Diligence and Background Checks

To be approved to participate in the program, a candidate who wishes to receive the cherished documents for the right to enjoy the benefits legally must:

  • be of legal age;
  • have an impeccable characteristics;
  • have no criminal record and no serious illnesses;
  • provide documentation that the finances have been legally obtained;
  • have a bank account, which indicates the solvency of the participant.

All of these stages are checked by the relevant authorities, who cooperate with the program organizers. 

Language and Education Requirements

Candidates who apply for a second passport must know English at a basic level. Higher education is essential and must be indicated.

Application Process 

It is necessary to provide the appropriate documents to fulfill all Dominica citizenship requirements. In addition, all color copies must be notarized and legalized.

CBIU does not accept applications directly from potential investors but only from authorized agencies. It is worth remembering when choosing a program and filling out an application. 


The potential investor must wait until the application is approved and then make a non-refundable contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund or purchase real estate for personal use. 

Documentation and Submission

Several documents need to be submitted to participate in the investment program:

  • The original and copies of all existing passports;
  • birth certificate;
  • marriage/dissolution of marriage certificate;
  • driver’s license;
  • copies of documents on military service;
  • proof of address of residence;
  • Copies of university or college diplomas;
  • Eight standard-size photos 
  • and other papers.

Each agent at the approval stage provides participants with a list detailing the number of copies and originals of relevant documents. 

Processing Time and Decision

A program that allows candidates to invest their monetary assets in the development of an island nation is said to have 100% approval of its participants. However, the entire process can take about four months. 


To simplify the application process, you should contact a proven company. Immigrant Invest will assist you in participating and obtaining citizenship on a Caribbean island. Please contact.

Turning to professionals in this matter, you can quickly and efficiently resolve all issues and just enjoy life. Decide now and a whole new wonderful experience awaits you.