5 Reasons Why Squishies Are The Best Toys

By  //  June 20, 2023

The sweet marshmallow-like scent of a squishy is now almost a household aroma now. Squeezing these cute little foam things, just to watch them become all fluffy again, is an activity that captivates adults and children alike.

But did you know these toys have magical powers?

Okay, so what if it’s not the kind of “magical powers” your kids make up in their stories? Indeed, these toys have a super-positive psychological effect that’s nothing less than magical.

Read on to find out why these toys are amazing for your child’s sensory and cognitive abilities.

Improves Motor Skills

The basic function of a squishy toy is to encourage the repetitive action of squeezing with the palm and even fingers. When a child opens and closes his fist, and moves his fingers with varying pressure, it strengthens the muscles and perfects his fine motor skills.

These motor skills are considered essential for improving hand-eye coordination and are also viewed as pre-writing exercises for toddlers.

Since improving fine motor skills has become a significant focus of early childhood education, these toys are ideal learning aids for young children and also those diagnosed with ADHD


It’s no secret that children of all ages go through times of stress and anxiety. While crying and whining are their usual responses to stressful situations, children can learn how to calm themselves from a very young age. 

All they need is a little help from the caregivers, and also some sensory objects or activities that can help them regulate their emotions. 

Squishy toys give the ideal sensorial stimulation that helps children calm down quickly. 

So next time you don’t have a clue how to help your upset (read howling) toddler get over a seemingly trivial matter, hand them one of their favorite Squishies and see its magic work.

And the best thing is, it’s just a toy that engages your child positively, so there’s no risk of overstimulation or toy addiction.

Help In Building Concentration

It is important for children to develop concentration early on, so they can progress to more complex games and activities.

But a common complaint that comes from parents of active children is that it’s very difficult to get them to concentrate on a task for a longer time. They skip from toy to toy never really enjoying their play long enough to build some focus.

Squishies are amazing at grabbing the child’s attention with repetitive movements and helping them concentrate on the cause and effect of the activity. These toys give ample opportunities for children to take a pause to see what’s going on.

Fortunately, the activity is neither challenging nor as entertaining as digital media, so as to prevent kids from learning to focus on other things. You can say, these toys are the right tools to transition children from hyperactivity to better control, focus and consistency.

Enhances Productivity

Improved focus and bodily coordination have a direct impact on human productivity. And stress toys have already gained a lot of popularity among adults for this particular reason.

Consider squishy toys as the kid-friendly version of fidget toys that offer kids a small distraction so that they can come back to a more challenging task. 

As discussed earlier, the child also practices fine motor movements with a squishy toy. This also ensures that he can easily master tricky physical tasks that involve precise hand and finger movements like squeezing a lemon or early writing.

Allows Open-ended Play

You’ll find squishy toys in every form and size, ranging from cute little animals to cartoons, fruits, cupcakes, donuts, icecreams – just about anything! 

These toys are pocket-friendly and all these different varieties mean that it’s very easy to build a personal collection. When they have a cool set of  Squishies, children can use their imagination and play hours of open-ended games too.


After reading about all these amazing benefits of squishy toys, I bet you’ll look at your child’s sweet-smelling squishy with much more respect and admiration!

They’re truly fun, functional and educational, so there’s no reason why you should deprive your child of an enriching playtime.