Make Your Car Wash Facility Stand Out By Covering Its Walls with Vinyl-Made Panels

By  //  June 23, 2023

When constructing a car wash facility, you would need a wall covering material that can resist the enormous volume of water required in everyday business operations and for dirt, mold, and corrosion removal.

A professional car wash is known for its numerous washes. Bright, squeaky clean, and optimally maintained car wash helps in broadening the customers than an inadequately lit facility. For numerous reasons, PVC panels for car wash bay walls are an ideal solution. Its glossy and seamless surface ensures that the panels don’t pick up dirt or microorganisms, which makes them easy to maintain wall coverings.

Ensure Improved Longevity of Your Car Wash Walls

Car washes take a toll on the walls and ceilings. The car wash walls covered with FRP panels or drywall are bound to get washed down when you turn to high-pressure rinsing of the car every day. Besides, it also has to deal with overspray from chemicals, detergents, and water used by the customers to wash their cars, high-level of moisture, dirt, and humidity. The last thing any car wash owner would want to handle is the wall car wash materials needing to perform up to the mark, delaminating quickly and prompting expensive repairs.

Ultimately, choosing the right wall covering solution for your car wash renovation and or construction is important. And regardless of the style and type of your car wash, PVC panel is the answer for its walls and ceilings.

FRP Panels And Why Are They Underperforming in Car Wash 

FRP panels for car wash have been in use for a long time, especially because of their low cost. But they react and get damaged easily by moisture and water. Furthermore, they also fail to resist mold and bacterial formation because of their non-water-resistant property. They are prone to quick delamination and discoloration. But with 100% raw-vinyl-made panels, you can be assured of impressive longevity. The panels can live for 100 years, as against FRP, which lasts only about 20-25 years.

Waterproof Vinyl Panels Withstand Harsh Cleaning Agents

Harsh cleaning agents, soapy residues, and moisture buildup can eat away FRP panels easily. Despite being available in different colors, it falls prey to peeling, eventually asking the owners for a repair and replacement.

The bright and seamless white PVC wall covering, on the other hand, is impervious to moisture and water attack. The most attractive part of the panels is that they don’t support mold accumulation, mildew, corrosion, or rust.

It doesn’t matter how many times you wash the car wash using toxic products; the chemical-resistant panels remain unharmed and unaffected.

Don’t Let Your Car Wash Units Stop For Panel Installation

FRP’s installation procedure is complex and time-consuming, making it unsuitable for busy areas like car washes. Using backers, adhesives, and other such tools and materials requires you to hire professionals with good knowledge of FRP wall panel installation. Adding FRP panels to your commercial space might require keeping your car washing business closed until the installation is complete. You can avoid losses because of business downtime by replacing FRP with PVC.

The latter’s interlocking tongue and groove design reduces the installation time and brings it down to 7-8 hours. The installation process is so simple that even an inexperienced laborer can do it. Overall, you also save 40% on material and labor costs.

Maintaining Well-Lit Car Wash Without Paying High Electricity Costs

Most owners need help comprehending the power of a well-lit car wash region. Apart from creating an inviting and comfortable experience for the customers and employees, it also helps uninterrupted and smooth car washing. A poorly lit car wash might lead to customers never visiting the location again. LED technology improvements can. Fortunately, help owners improve the lighting of their site though it comes at a hefty price. This is where light-reflective panels play an important role. They can evenly distribute the available light across the car wash, appealing to a larger crowd and keeping the environment well-lit.

Make Your Switch to PVC Car Wash Panels and Forget About Repairs 

The US-based PVC panels for car wash walls meet FDA compliances and don’t need repairs or replacements right from the first time of installation. They meet ASTM and CFIA certifications and are 4-5 times more long-lasting than FRP wall panels. Their waterproofing abilities make them an ideal solution over drywall and FRP.

Besides, their odor-resistant property also keeps your car wash free of nuisance odor from soapy residues, detergents, foams, trapped moisture, and humidity. Order PVC panels online and get them shipped within two weeks. For professional consultation, you can reach out at 323-991-7507.