Multiple Suspects Arrested in Brevard County Join ‘Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge’

By  //  June 8, 2023

Message from Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Malcolm Dankins was arrested for Contempt of Court, Battery by Strangulation and Criminal Mischief. (BCSO Image)

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – For some reason the “Iron Bar Lodge” is getting only one star ratings on and we just can’t understand why.

I mean we have all the usual amenities so it just makes no sense.

You know, things like firm mattresses, open spacious bathrooms, rec yards, guaranteed availability, frequent flyer rates, extra security features, free shuttle service, complimentary pajamas for all guests, and of course, our world famous “protein loaf” served fresh from our dining room with all the FDA recommended nutrients.

Oh well, hopefully our most recent guests will give us much better reviews…

– Sheriff Wayne Ivey