Round Face, Right Glasses: Finding the Perfect Pair

By  //  June 1, 2023

When it comes to eyewear, selecting the right pair of glasses can be a daunting task, especially if you have a round face.

Glasses should not only correct your vision but also enhance your facial features, and finding the perfect pair that suits your face shape can be challenging.

Understanding Round Face Shape

The first step to finding the perfect glasses for a round face is to understand the features of a round face. A round face is characterized by equal length and width, with soft contours and no prominent angles. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face, and the chin is usually round and soft.

It’s important to recognize that everyone’s face is unique, and even those that are categorized as “round” can still have variations in shape and size. This is why it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of your face shape before selecting glasses. By understanding the nuances of your face shape, you can better determine which frames will highlight your features and flatter your face.

Choosing the Right Frame Shape

When selecting glasses for a round face, the frame shape is crucial. It is essential to choose a frame that adds angles and definition to the face, rather than accentuating its roundness. Angular frames, such as rectangular, square, and cat eye frames shapes, work best for round faces. These frames add structure and contrast, creating a more defined and balanced look.

On the other hand, round frames can make a round face appear even more circular. They don’t provide enough contrast to the soft curves of a round face and can make it seem like the face is shrinking. However, if you’re a fan of round frames, don’t worry – you can still wear them! Just make sure to choose a frame that has the right dimensions and proportions to balance out your face.

Consider the Frame Size

The size of the frame is also an important factor to consider when selecting glasses for a round face. Large frames can overwhelm a round face and make it appear smaller. On the other hand, small frames can get lost on a round face and not provide enough coverage. The ideal frame size for a round face is medium to large, covering the cheeks and adding balance to the face.

If you’re not sure which size is right for you, try on a few different frames and see how they look. Remember that the frame should complement your face and not overpower it. Keep in mind that the size of the frame will also depend on the size of your face, so it’s essential to find the right balance.

Choosing the Right Frame Color

The color of the frame can also play a significant role in complementing a round face. Darker colors, such as black, brown, or tortoiseshell, can add definition and structure to the face. They help create a more contrasting effect, which can help balance out the soft curves of a round face.

Bright and bold colors, such as red or blue, can also work well, as they draw attention away from the roundness of the face. Avoid frames with rounded edges or light colors, as they can make the face appear softer and rounder. By selecting the right color, you can add depth and dimension to your face and make your glasses a stylish accessory.

Lens Shape Matters

The shape of the lenses is another important factor to consider when selecting glasses for a round face. Avoid round or oval lenses, as they will only accentuate the roundness of the face. Instead, opt for rectangular or square lenses, which will create a more defined and angular look.

Additionally, oversized lenses can be a great choice for round faces, as they provide coverage and balance to the face. They can also create a dramatic effect and make a statement. Just be sure to choose a size that is proportional to your face and doesn’t overwhelm your features.

Consider Your Personal Style

While it is essential to select glasses that complement your face shape, it is also important to choose a pair that fits your personal style. Glasses are an accessory that you will wear every day, and they should reflect your personality and fashion sense. Experiment with different styles, colors, and materials to find the perfect pair that suits your unique style and taste.

Whether you prefer a classic or trendy look, there are plenty of options available. Some people prefer a minimalist look with sleek frames and neutral colors, while others like to make a statement with bold frames and bright colors. Whatever your style is and whenever you buy from any glasses brands such as EFE, there’s a perfect pair of glasses out there for you .

Seek Professional Advice

When in doubt, seek professional advice from an optician or optometrist. These professionals are trained to help you select the right glasses that complement your facial features and provide the best possible vision correction. They can also guide you in choosing the right frame material, lens type, and coatings based on your lifestyle and vision needs.

By working with a professional, you can ensure that you get the right glasses for your face and your vision needs. They can also provide valuable insights and tips on how to care for your glasses and make them last for years to come.