Best PPC Companies in India: A Comprehensive List of Top 10

By  //  July 28, 2023

It’s no secret that a majority of today’s population relies on the Internet for most purchases and informational needs. 

But here’s what’s most significant- an increasing number of businesses are opting for paid advertising to achieve more accurate results when it comes to marketing and sales. And pay-per-click has emerged as a leading ad format in this regard. 

Crafting the ideal PPC campaign for your business needs can be challenging though. You’ll have to create new conversion-worthy ads periodically, monitor and analyze their performance regularly, and make necessary changes for improved performance. 

That’s why it’s best to rope in a reliable and efficient PPC ads agency for the job. In this brief guide that we’ve curated, you’ll find the best options to choose from. So, go ahead and give it a read.

List of Top 10 PPC Agencies

1. Ranking By SEO

Topping our list is this Noida-based PPC management agency that has been serving distinguished clients both in the country and globally for the past 14 years. 

Ranking by SEO has a team of certified professionals who’re highly experienced in PPC management services across different industries. As such, they very well understand the dynamics of the rapidly changing PPC advertising scenario and can tailor your campaign accordingly to achieve the ad performance you’re aiming for. 

Another highlight of this agency is that it believes in strengthening the foundation of a PPC campaign through systematic planning and pre-campaign processes. Speaking of the pricing offered, the company has a range of PPC management packages suited to different business sizes. 

2. Substance Communication 

If you’re aiming for the maximum possible returns on your PPC advertising campaigns, another name you can trust is Substance Communication. Operating in New Delhi, this agency specializes in delivering highly skilled performance-marketing campaigns and crafts ads with the primary goal of maximizing ROI. 

The PPC management agency functions based on focused keyword research and skilled copywriting services to maximize ad performance on all platforms. Side by side, the agency delivers all PPC services in a way that the cost of acquisition is maintained at a minimum. 

3. Percoyo 

Next, we’ve chosen Percoyo, another leading digital marketing agency based in Bangalore that’s known for its data-intensive approach to PPC optimization. The agency consistently monitors and improves PPC campaigns for its clients, while also enhancing core strategies based on real-time PCC ad performance data. 

Moreover, its professionals constantly perform efficient market analysis and identify the ideal customers to cater to for determining the right ad placement. This ultimately helps them deliver improved marketing campaigns that perform in line with the targetted results. 

A look at the company website will tell you that the agency has successfully generated more than 30,000 leads to date. It’s also worth noting that it has garnered several accolades as one of the best-performing PPC management agencies in Bangalore. 

4. I Knowledge Factory

IKF is another well-known performance marketing agency that has helped several brands pull off high-performing PPC campaigns with ease. 

The PPC management agency follows an all-inclusive approach with regard to ad hosting platforms, devising profitable paid marketing tactics that can bring high returns for all your PPC campaigns. When it comes to campaign execution, the agency’s experts and digital strategists make sure the marketing insights they apply are balanced with optimal ad spending consistently. 

Notably, IKF has more than two decades of digital marketing experience and functions based on the principles of innovation, transparency, and professionalism. The PPC services on offer at IKF include LinkedIn advertising, Google shopping, and search campaigns, Pinterest advertising, Amazon advertising, and more. 

5. One Technology Services

Halfway through our list, we’ve chosen this Karachi-based PPC management agency with more than 16 years of experience in the field. The agency works with the aim to deliver quick and consistent results for all its clients and devises strategic campaigns that can fetch them conversion-ready leads.

One Technology Services offers three plan choices for its clients, all of which come at budget-friendly pricing and are curated intelligently to suit the needs of different clients. Also, each of these plans is executed with equal emphasis on ad copywriting, keyword research, continuous monitoring, and bid management. 

6. Ratan Jha Official 

Founded and run by popular digital marketing expert Ratan Jha, this PPC management agency helps all businesses scale up their PPC game with equal accuracy. So, once this agency has taken up your work, rest assured that you’ll have a conversion-worthy PPC strategy in place soon. 

It’s also worth noting here that Ratan Jha has an experience of more than 10 years in designing diverse digital marketing campaigns. And in this tenure, he has helped more than 780 clients emerge as authoritative entities in their industry or niche. Moreover, the founder expert will function as a dedicated resource to look into all issues occurring in your PPC ad performance from time to time. 

7. Univsense

The Kerala-based agency that also has an international presence believes in designing personalized PPC campaigns to help clients generate quality leads effectively. Its PPC management services are aimed at providing tangible results while catering to all its clients’ specialized needs. 

Moreover, the agency has helped several small businesses achieve their desired sales metrics through locally-targetted advertising services. It provides complete specialized assistance to clients in this regard, from the preliminary stages of keyword and market research to the final phases of ad placement and bidding. 

Plus, the company follows full transparency with regard to its pricing policy and updates its service information regularly to ensure clients stay informed about any changes therein. 

8. Kutumbh Digital 

If you’re looking to achieve some remarkable PPC performance metrics, this agency is among the lesser-known yet highly reliable options to go for. Kutumbh Digital follows an effective lead nurturing process, ensuring high engagement, better revenue, and low costs for each lead it works on. 

Interestingly, the agency incorporates science and art in their ads to ensure these create a better impact and garner more leads in the process. Such strategies also help earn better ad placements, which can, in turn, result in maximum sales and clicks. 

9. Techvint 

The PPC experts at TechVint adopt strategies that promote thorough analysis of keywords and more careful audience targeting. When combined, the majority of these strategies fetch better and more rapid conversions in the long term. 

TechVint also believes in maintaining a one-on-one process while communicating with its clients for a thorough understanding of its advertising goals and competitor profiles. Accordingly, it makes the best campaign suggestions for promoting your brand across more lucrative platforms. 

10. Olbuz 

To end on a high note, we’ve picked this Gujrat-based PPC management agency which has earned more than 1 lakh qualified leads for well-known clients across industries. 

The experts at Olbuz have the experience needed to conceptualize and manage diverse ad campaigns for businesses with varying monthly budgets. Some of the significant advertising services offered at Olbuz include local PPC ads, App install ads, and video PPC campaigns. 

Final Take

So, here was our simplified guide to the best PPC management agencies you can find across the country. Now, it’s upon you to choose the agency that perfectly aligns with your business needs and advertising goals. 

Do note that you’ll need to take into account several vital factors when making a suitable choice. These include your targeted platforms and campaign-specific goals, the industry you belong to, and the pricing policy and research process of the agency considered.