How to Decorate Windows Without Curtains – Current Trends in Overview

By  //  July 24, 2023

Have you ever considered alternative solutions instead of relying on curtains to decorate your window? You can hang and arrange artistic and clever items that provide privacy and ambiance in your home.

Curtains are not the only way to dress your window and protect it from prying eyes. Below you will see a list of ways you can decorate the windows of your home and satisfy your sense of aesthetics:

  • Blinds
  • Frosted glass
  • Glass bottles
  • Lace
  • Plants
  • Privacy screens
  • Roller shades
  • Colored glass
  • Valances

Modern times call for a change in tradition. It’s perfectly acceptable not to hang curtains at a window. You can leave the windows completely bare, apply window film or install blinds. The tradition of hanging curtains is outdated and frankly not necessary for certain types of apartments.

In homes where there is little or no concern for privacy, windows enhance the sense of drama or personal taste.

Do windows have to be covered?

Traditionally, it is customary to cover the windows in some form, be it with curtains, blinds, or similar. However, your personal preferences and the desired level of privacy should determine whether your windows are veiled or not. There’s nothing wrong with leaving the windows free and without curtains or other covers. With some windows in an apartment, it’s important that as much light as possible can enter unhindered.

How can you cover a window without curtains?

When decorating a window, there are so many possibilities that curtains are not the only solution. Dramatic, floor-to-ceiling windows can look even more impressive with or without curtains. Instead of curtains, you can install blinds, hang plants, or glass bottles that provide shade.

Beautiful window designs

The way you design your window decor gives you the opportunity to show off your style and let natural light shine through. In today’s world, you are no longer limited to hanging boring standard curtains to create privacy or filter incoming light. The following window decor ideas from renowned window manufacturer Oknoplast may give you even more unconventional ways to design your windows:


Away with the curtains. Opt for a cordless blind to cover your windows. Blinds are a more flexible window covering as you can better control how much light you let in. Depending on the orientation of your blinds, you can facilitate or hinder the view outside. Blinds are lightweight, easy to clean, and a standard window covering that is as effective as traditional curtains.

Frosted Glass

Installing one or two panels of frosted glass is an excellent way to provide sufficient privacy but still let light through. Typically, frosted glass window films are suitable for offices, bathrooms, and other areas where natural light is desired, but a modest level of privacy is desired.

Glass Bottles

Display an artistic form of window decoration by strategically placing glass bottles in front of a window. You can either hang glass bottles on strings in front of the window or present them on floating shelves. Show empty wine bottles, collected old bottles, or a menagerie of glass pieces that catch the eye.


Take an old lace tablecloth, a pile of lace doilies, or a lace ribbon and use it as a window covering. If you don’t want to opt for a window dressing with a lace-like pattern, you can take some lace and make a DIY window covering from the material. Cut the lace so it fits your window panes and glue it on with an adhesive.

Lace is light and has a complicated pattern that attracts attention. It still lets light through but provides a modest level of privacy.


With a vibrant garden in front of the window, you create a lot of visual interest, entertainment, and a more pleasant home. Instead of curtains, you can hang ivy, succulents, and other coveted plants on ropes or floating shelves to create a natural protection for the window. Your plants will also thank you for the natural light.

Privacy Screens

Go retro and place a tasteful privacy screen in front of your living or bedroom window instead of installing curtains. You can easily move your privacy screen wherever it is needed most if you want your window to be unobstructed. There are many versatile options for privacy screens made from laser-cut wood, metal, or plastic.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a modern, tasteful method of controlling light entry and privacy in a room. Choose a Roman shade that offers a chic, clean style that suits industrial, minimalist, or classic decor. You can find roller shades made of bamboo, in neutral colors, woven from wood, and everything in between.

Colored Glass

Stained glass is a refined and artistic way to provide a room with more privacy while still letting natural light through. The colored glass casts a beautiful colored glow into the room. With stained glass windows, you can create a softer, cozier atmosphere in any room.


If privacy isn’t an issue, but you don’t feel comfortable leaving the windows completely bare, opt for a valance. The window valance is a classic window decoration that consists of a piece of fabric that covers the top part of the window and leaves most of the window pane exposed.


As you can see, it’s not that hard to get by without curtains. You just need to know how. And if you are looking for windows to try out the above tips, just drop by We’re sure you’ll find your favorite window there.”