Low-Cost AI-driven Donor Targeting List Acquisition Campaign to a Successful Digital Campaign

By  //  July 24, 2023

Fundraising is undergoing a dramatic shift due to the innovations made available by AI. Artificial intelligence solutions eliminate ambiguity in fundraisers, enabling businesses to put their efforts where they will have the most impact. 

AI may help with several facets of a nonprofit’s plan of action and digital marketing campaign, including online donations and connecting with potential donors. 

Developing a plan for the acquisition of digital donor lists follows a methodological approach comparable to that of snail mail. 

Initially, it is a thorough examination of the agency’s donor base, particularly the typical donation, persistence rates, and, if the organization has conducted crowdfunding campaigns before, the expense of each acquired contributor.

All this can be complicated and expensive If done via the traditional approaches. For our reader’s convenience, we bring them a platform that makes donor-targeted list acquisition a breeze. Sterling Data Company brings the resources and data to reach the most suitable donors for charity and political campaigns

We have created a detailed review below to better elaborate on the company’s many services, especially list acquisition. 

An In-Depth Analysis of Sterling’s List Acquisition Service

This credible platform contains a system that assists political campaigns, political action committees (PACs), charities, and philanthropic groups in raising the maximum funds possible for their efforts to raise money. The software uses AI-driven techniques to make the business process as affordable as possible. 

It employs revolutionary AI-driven marketing and Tier 1 contact data reasoning. Both of these are developed specifically to ensure the effective execution of digital marketing campaigns. Among the various user-oriented services it offers are:

  • donor-specific list acquisition
  • mobile enrichment
  • call time lists
  • P2P texting list rentals 

It uses AI to identify potential donors inclined to be active in the process and long-term sponsors of the cause. In addition, the application stores more than 500 key demographic variables about contributors, including:

  • their donating ability
  • newspaper memberships
  • online conduct

Sterling’s list acquisition service guarantees the business lower expenses per list acquirement for:

  • high-quality data
  • increased ROI
  • exceptional deliverability
  • increased engagement

Prominent Features of AI-Driven Donor Targeted List Acquisition 

Consider some of the highly-effective features of Sterling’s AI-driven List acquisition service below: 

  1. Exclusive Data 

The platform ensures authentic and premium quality data for businesses. Over ninety-five per cent of all emails from Sterling are very proactive. It includes primary email addresses that have been checked and validated as belonging to the intended audience. 

Also, the quality and functionality of its cellphone data are many years ahead of its rivals. This technique ensures 30–90 day openings alongside verified email deliveries.  

  1. Fast Returns

It has a specialized staff of statistical analysts that monitor the online behavior and activities of the users. 

Donor targeting powered by AI allows one company’s list purchases to provide a return on investment of more than 100 per cent in only three months. Several lists in these have the potential to yield their entire value in less than a month.

  1. Confirmed Contact with Donors  

The Absolute AI Verification algorithm developed by Sterling determines the primary emails of contributors and verifies their cell phone numbers. It offers businesses reliable contact data of the highest standard. 

In addition, it verifies contact with the benefactors included on the collected list instead of only providing fake lists. 

  1. High Engagement

Due to its high-quality lists, email deliverability and engagement are increased through this service. It improves open rates and long-term relationships with donors for a successful digital campaign. 

Concluding Note

Traditional list acquisition regarding donors can be time-consuming and costly, but with AI, this process has been made efficient for digital campaigns of businesses. Sterling offers affordable AI-Driven Donor Targeted List Acquisition service with fast returns and high deliverability to get in contact with legit donors. We hope this article was of maximum help to you.