Florida’s Real Estate Market – How to Maximize Online Presence Amid Rising Trends

By  //  August 3, 2023

It has been estimated that around 41% of customers in today’s digital era search online for their dream home, making an online presence for businesses absolutely essential.

It’s no secret that online presence is an important factor in Florida’s real estate market and there are many trends emerging that impact how real estate businesses approach the marketplace.

From maximizing their visibility online to continuing to reach potential buyers and sellers, successful agents must stay on top of it all — or risk falling behind their competition. So what can other businesses learn from DJ & Lindsey Real Estate ( a great success story) about making the most of today’s landscape and what strategies they can employ to succeed in such a competitive climate.

Unveiling Florida’s Real Estate Market Trends

Right now, Florida’s real estate market is in upward mobility. Houzeo states that over the past year or so there has been an upswing due to strong demand from new residents who are drawn by the glow of the Sunshine State – and all its great weather, beaches and attractions. The average median home price in Florida is now $400,000,  that’s up 3.2% year-over-year.

That means if you are looking for some prime Floridian real estate, there had better be a plan on how to land it – because prices don’t seem to be going down any time soon. Sales-to-list price ratios currently stand at 97.1%, with some slight fluctuation year-over-year. And though experts predict modestly flatlining growth through 2023.

How DJ & Lindsey Real Estate Skyrocketed Their Online Presence

At first, no one knew who DJ & Lindsey Real Estate was. They were new to the game in Florida’s real estate market and yet they managed to hustle their way up to become a premier company. On their site DjandLindsey, they claim that they have delivered over 6,000 homes sold across the state and contributed an awe-inspiring $3 billion towards the local economy.

DJ & Lindsey Real Estate provide an excellent example of how businesses can improve their online presence and build a stronger local customer base. The couple has developed an effective approach combining traditional real estate practices with cutting-edge creative services and leading-edge technologies. By taking advantage of both high definition video house tours and narratives about clients’ homes, they’ve successfully set themselves apart for anyone looking to buy or sell in Florida.

On social media platforms – essential tools for any real estate business – they have more than 16K followers on Facebook and 28K on Instagram, keeping them largely connected with potential customers 24/7. On social platforms, DJ & Lindsey offer content including news stories, tips and tricks, information about current listings and much more, all helping them engage with potential customers while improving brand visibility in the process, not just in Florida but also throughout the United States.

They also utilized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on their socials and in the case of real estate businesses this holds special significance, where competition is rampant. To get the job done businesses should also hire a real estate SEO company, as according to Social Media Today, 60% of real estate agents believe that outreach via social media platforms outweighs even their own websites.

From this example, businesses can learn that integrating modern technology into existing offline models allows businesses – regardless of what industry they may be in -to help target buyers that might otherwise never find their product or service.

Incorporating innovative hyper-targeted marketing, professional creative teams and leading edge technology supported by excellent social media presence helps companies gain greater local reach while also setting them apart from the competition in their market