Homeowners in Florida Space Coast are Using Solar Panels for More Energy Independence

By  //  August 25, 2023

Since 2020, the fuel cost has tripled in Florida, and in 2023 Florida homeowners’ energy bills have risen by an average of $492 annually. How can homeowners regain their power and stop falling victim to fluctuating energy prices?

Many Floridians are turning to solar power, gaining energy independence for up to 25 years with a single investment.

Keep reading to find out why solar panels are a saving grace for Floridian homeowners in these turbulent times. 

How Many Florida Homeowners Have Installed Solar Panels in 2023?

Florida is currently ranking third in the US for solar adoption. It is the sunshine state, after all, so homeowners can be assured of bright days and plenty of sun exposure. In Q1 2023, there were around 189,000 solar panels installed in Florida.

60% of all solar panels installed in Florida were fitted in the last 3 years. It would seem that growing awareness of climate change, rising energy prices, and rising fuel costs have driven Floridians to explore renewable and cost-effective energy options.

The increasing monthly overhead living costs in Florida have made budgets tight, but solar power is a great option for managing this increase. But are solar panels the right choice for your Florida home? 

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Evaluating whether you should install solar panels for your Florida home? Here’s everything you stand to gain.

More Sustainable Living

The climate crisis is in full swing, and homeowners can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. It would feel good to know your tumble dryer, heating, lighting, and household appliances weren’t harming the environment, no?

Solar panels allow you to rest your conscience when using energy around your home. If you want to create more sustainable daily living, solar panels are a great place to start.

The energy they produce comes straight from the sunlight – no fossil fuels, pollution, or coal. And, since it’s a completely renewable energy source, it’s free of charge!

Decreased Energy Bills

Most homeowners are opening their energy bills with shaky hands and sweaty brows right now. Imagine cutting your energy bill in half or even getting yourself off the grid completely.

With solar panels, you can choose to half your monthly energy bill or live entirely off solar power. The number of solar panels depends on your annual energy consumption, the solar panels’ wattage, sunny hours, and the production ration of your solar system. 

Off-the-Grid Living

Ever wanted a peaceful ranch in an off-grid location? You can get out in the sticks with solar panels and power your home with renewable energy. Investing in off-grid living means you won’t have to worry about fluctuating energy prices. 

Solar Options

The best part of switching to solar is your various options. You can invest in a solar water heater to ease your mind about your long, hot showers. Or, you can invest in a solar skylight, so you don’t need to worry about switching all the lights off before bed.

Who Can Install Solar Panels for Their Home, and Who Can’t?

In spite of the multiple pros, solar power isn’t a viable option for everyone. Let’s discuss some things you must consider to determine your eligibility for solar panels.

  • Renting and owning – if you don’t own your home, you won’t be able to install solar panels. Although, you could discuss the prospect if you have a good and long-standing relationship with your landlord.
  • Space – if you want to install solar panels for your home, you’ll need space to locate them. Consider space on your roof, in your yard, or on top of your garage – any spot with plenty of sunlight exposure.
  • Sunlight – if your home is surrounded by lush forestry or high-rise buildings, you won’t get returns on your solar investment. You need unobstructed sunlight for most of the day to maximize returns on your solar panels.
  • Costs – solar panels can be a hefty investment, and you need to secure enough money for the upfront costs before purchasing solar panels and components. For some, this seems unattainable, but luckily there are solar rebate schemes in Florida to help you.

Want to know more about solar panels? Websites like Green Match can arm you with all sorts of information on solar panels, inverters, solar batteries, and installation services. Starting your solar journey can set your mind at ease about the future of energy costs.

What Is the Florida Solar Rebate Scheme?

If you live in Space Coast, Florida, you could be eligible for the Orlando OUC solar rebate scheme. 

With this scheme, homeowners with an existing solar system can receive up to $2000 for a solar battery. Solar batteries allow homeowners to save and store energy they don’t use during the day. You can even sell energy back to the grid for a percentage off your monthly energy bills.

If you want to invest in a solar water heater, you can gain a rebate of up to $900. With this solar rebate, solar water heaters and system components become more accessible for Floridian homeowners, allowing more energy independence across the state.

Let’s say you’re not living in the Space Coast area. You should still read up on the other Florida solar rebate schemes. Jacksonville, Florida Keys, Dunedin, and Boynton Beach all have their solar rebates with different conditions, so it’s worth checking your eligibility.


Solar panel adoption in Florida has increased enormously in the last 3 years. Solar energy is a great way to significantly save your monthly overhead costs – and avoid falling victim to ever-increasing energy bills. Who knows how much longer the energy crisis will last? It’s worth considering switching to solar!