9 Ways to Get Help for Your Next Move

By  //  September 21, 2023

Moving is no easy feat. Most people will spend weeks or even months planning the logistics of their move before the big day arrives. Even with the most diligent preparation, however, most moves are too large for one or two people to handle on their own.

The term, “many hands make light work” rings especially true when it comes to moving—physically and figuratively. Having a few people to help with packing items, lifting furniture, or unloading household items can make this enormous undertaking much easier.

What’s more, invaluable help is never too far away if you know where to look. Here are nine of the best ways to get the assistance you need for your next big move!

Team Up with a Moving Company

If you want the best possible help, consider hiring a moving company. As professional movers bring another level of expertise to the job, they can take on most of the legwork and complete your move in record time. Not to mention, they have experience navigating tight quarters and even carry insurance in case of an accident.

The caveat, of course, is the steep price that you will likely need to pay a moving company. Even a simple, local move may cost you upwards of a thousand dollars or so. If you’re able to budget for such an expense or your employer is funding your move, however, it’s well worth the cost.

Keep in mind that hiring a moving company isn’t always viable for a small move, as many conventional movers require you to meet a certain weight threshold. With that said, there are some companies that specialize in small, long-distance moves.

Recruit Your Family Members

When you need help with a move, the best and easiest place to start is arguably with your loved ones. Perhaps the greatest advantage of asking family members for help is the fact that they are likely the most willing to help without expecting anything in return.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to ask a few physically fit and able family members to give you a hand for the day. Just be mindful of their busy schedules and give them plenty of advanced notice.

Rent a Moving Truck

While you might be tempted to get by with a pickup truck or small trailer for your move, renting a moving truck will save you all kinds of headaches. For one, rental trucks come in a wide range of sizes—allowing you to select a vehicle that allows you to complete your entire move in a single trip.

What’s more, the base fee for a rental is typically very affordable for a local move. In fact, the average mid-size rental costs only $40–$80 per day. Just be sure to return your truck on time, topped off with any fuel you may have used!

Ask Those in Your Friend Circle

Particularly if you’re relatively young and have a young friend group, getting assistance from a few friends can be even more advantageous than getting help from family members in some cases.

Although close friends likely won’t expect any kind of compensation for helping out, providing lunch is both an easy and affordable way to show your appreciation for their assistance and hard work!

Borrow a Large Vehicle

Whether you are unable to assemble a small crew for your move or you have managed to recruit a few helping hands, keep in mind that there are other ways in which people can help you during your move as well.

During your move, there will likely be large items—such as tables, bed frames, and sofas—that you will need to load and unload at your new home. A sedan or passenger vehicle will not offer enough space for you to load these large pieces of furniture.

Rather than going down the route of hiring a rental truck—especially if you only have a few large items to move—ask around for a pickup truck with a cargo bed. Considering the immense popularity of pickup trucks in the United States, chances are that there is at least one person in your circle who would be willing to lend you a vehicle.

Hire Professional Packers

Weeks before you bring in a rental truck and load up your furniture, you will need to start packing your belongings into boxes. As you might imagine, this can be an extremely time-consuming endeavor for the average homeowner.

If you’re comfortable loading and unloading your furniture but loathe the thought of boxing all of your belongings, you might consider hiring packers. These professionals know how best to organize your items so that they are easy to locate, as well as pack them in a way that prevents damage.

Not to mention, professional packers bring all of their own packing supplies—taking an additional line item off your plate!

Scour a Labor Marketplace

If you’re struggling to find professional movers or packers in time for your move—whether it’s due to unavailability or unreasonable prices—you might need to take your search elsewhere.

Through an online labor marketplace like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, or Handy, for example, you can often find high-quality help. While these freelance workers might not boast the same experience that professional movers bring to a job, they may be a little more affordable.

Turn to Your Community

If you have already exhausted your immediate friend circle, chances are that there are other people in your community who might be willing to lend a hand during your move.

First, let people know about your need via Facebook, Instagram, or another social network. After posting to social media pages and groups, reach out to organizations within your community. Churches, nonprofits, and other institutions often have volunteer groups that could aid with your move.

Ask Around for Supplies

The price of packing supplies can quickly add up during a move, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars when all is said and done. Fortunately, these are often common items that people are giving away.

You can start to collect these items by asking family members, friends, and local businesses whether they have any packing supplies they might be willing to give to you for free or for a very low price.