Shubarev Maxim Valerevich

By  //  September 29, 2023

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Shubarev Maxim Valerevich

The founder of the construction holding Setl Group, Maxim Shubarev, stands at the head of an integral real estate enterprise. This article discusses the businessman’s contribution to the modern image of St. Petersburg, the main city of the Northwestern Federal District.

Position: Head of Setl Group

Maxim Shubarev: Contribution to St. Petersburg housing infrastructure 

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev has been working in the construction sector since the early 1990s.

In 2020, the construction company he established was included in the list of critical companies that have a significant impact on the economy of the industry, regions, and the country as a whole.

Maxim Shubarev points out that this status is economically justified, given that the company has been among the top three construction companies in the country for many years now, commissioning more than 1 million square meters of finished housing annually.

Maxim Shubarev notes that as of 2023, Setl Group has sold more than 300 buildings of various classes, covering 11 square kilometers. More than 400,000 people live in the houses the company has built, and the company currently has enough land resources to conduct continuous construction for at least the next 25 years.

At the same time, the Group is very careful about what projects it takes on, with consideration to market demands, emphasizes Maxim Shubarev. Setl Group, as an experienced industry player with a well-established management system for construction and marketing processes, works to prevent the overstocking of the market.

The company’s portfolio includes buildings of various categories — from comfort to premium housing, says Maxim Shubarev. Setl Group also works on mass-market projects, which, according to statistics, are the most popular in their niche in St. Petersburg markets.

Shubarev Maxim has led the construction holding to a top industry position over its three decades of activity. His competent management has provided the company with a significant cushion, which allows it to maintain sustainable business development. 

The holding’s constructions remain in high demand thanks in large part to customer loyalty. The company aims to work at a fast pace while providing excellent quality and an affordable price, says Maxim Shubarev. Setl Group offers its clients more than just apartments. According to the businessman, buyers have become more demanding in recent years.

Maxim Shubarev and the Group he heads have developed their own standards for improving residential complexes, including the availability of additional perks, such as shops, playgrounds, and bike paths, as well as landscaped courtyards, even with art installations.

Maxim Shubarev also contributes to the development of social facilities. Under his leadership, the construction holding finishes about 10 educational institutions a year. For example, in 2022, preschools built by the company and equipped with swimming pools and playgrounds opened their doors for 730 students. 

For its contribution to the accessibility of social infrastructure, the holding founded by Maxim Shubarev, Setl Group, received the Consumer Trust award. The company also reached an important milestone that same year when its 10 millionth square meter was put into use.

Maxim Shubarev was also the first to receive the city’s new “Honored Builder of St. Petersburg” award.

 Maxim Shubarev: Setl Group preserves historical monuments 

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich, as a native of St. Petersburg, considers it his duty to preserve historical and cultural monuments from destruction. At its own expense, the construction holding carries out a complex of emergency work, preparing the necessary documentation for restoration.

Such projects have included an industrial building of at the Kinovievsky ultramarine plant on the Oktyabrskaya Embankment and the personal mansion of the founder of the enterprise, George Ivanovich Vega. At the initiative of Shubarev Maxim Valerevich, Setl Group bought the plot of land with various historical objects in 2018.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich notes that the architectural monument was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, but no efforts were made to preserve it under the previous owner. Without the work of the Setl Group, it could have been completely lost in the near future.

Maxim Shubarev led the company in its analysis of emergency structures in 2019, after which the roof of the Vega mansion was repaired. To prevent further destruction, some of the structures were covered with protective boxes and windows were sealed up in anticipation of subsequent restoration.

Shubarev Maxim notes that the preservation of architectural monuments is always a very laborious process that requires personal control. Every such project presents its own “exclusive complexity,” where cookie-cutter solutions simply do not work. 

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich and the holding he founded restored, for example, an old rope shop and water tower on Vasilievsky Island, taking into account the authentic features of this architectural ensemble.

Maxim Shubarev and the entire project team were especially careful with the façade, preserving the shape and dimensions of window openings and doors, and now St. Petersburg natives and guests of the Northern Capital can enjoy the historic building in its original form. 

Shubarev Maxim and his company assumed careful restoration of all the structural elements that have survived to the present time. In addition, the roof truss system and an anti-aircraft lantern from the 1951 model were returned to the building.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich, together with the holding’s specialists, were able to breathe new life into an architectural ensemble that seemed to have lost its relevance forever. The building is naturally illuminated through its glass roof, under which sits an atrium uniting the offices of the new business center.

Shubarev Maxim also helped develop a new concept for the water tower, which will house a fashionable coworking business space. 

Maxim Shubarev earlier initiated the reconstruction of the nearby home of Felix Chopin, which included both the office and personal apartment of this French industrialist. Chopin’s company, located on Vasilievsky Island, worked on the interior decoration of the Winter Palace, cast bronze doors for St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and even larger ones for Christ the Savior Cathedral in the capital.

The supplier for the Court of His Imperial Majesty lived in the house until 1888, after which he left for his homeland in France. After that, the mansion housed the plant administration for more than a century. In 2011, the building was demolished. Eight years later, on his own initiative, Maxim Valerevich Shubarev rebuilt it at the construction holding’s own expense, using old drawings and photographs as guides.

 Maxim Shubarev: Cultural projects 

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev, being at the head of one of the largest construction enterprises in St. Petersburg, considers it important to support cultural projects. According to the businessman, a city with such a rich history needs to preserve its unique status as the cultural capital of the nation.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev ensures that his company adheres to social responsibility through various art events. The construction holding closely cooperates with the Alexandrinsky, Mikhailovsky, and Boris Eifman Theaters and supports the Gala Russe project, which promotes the domestic opera and ballet classics abroad.

In honor of its 25th anniversary, the Group took part in the concert Classics on Dvortsovaya, dedicated to the celebration of St. Petersburg City Day, including opera and ballet performances on the main city square. As Shubarev Maxim Valerevich noted, music and construction have much in common – both architectural and musical masterpieces require great talent and effort.

Maxim Shubarev emphasized that that both past and modern architectural structures, elegantly inscribed in the urban landscape, have a beneficial effect both on people and classical music. Classics on Dvortsovaya, according to the businessman, fully corresponded to the style, spirit, and cultural potential of St. Petersburg. 

Under the management of Maxim Valerevich Shubarev, Setl Group was also an official partner of the prestigious Golden Trezzini award in 2021. The event, named in honor of the famous architect of the Northern Capital and first held in 2018, aims to memorialize the most valuable works from an artistic point of view in the fields of design, architecture, restoration, and scenography.

Shubarev Maxim emphasizes that big business’ contribution to cultural projects contributes to the comprehensive development of the state, including in economic terms.

 Maxim Valerevich Shubarev: Biographical information 

Maxim Shubarev was born in 1968 in Leningrad. The future businessman enjoyed playing sports in his childhood, including rowing and wrestling. After serving in the navy, he entered the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute to study production management.

Shubarev Maxim was socially active as a student. He was a member of the governing body of the university branch of the International Association of Young Professionals, which organized internships for students abroad.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev has been doing business in the field of development since 1994. The businessman has been honored with a number of professional awards for his contribution to the development of the industry.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev is married with three children.