The Difference Between a UX Designer and a Digital Product Designer: Which One Should You Hire?

By  //  September 7, 2023

In the world of digital design, choosing the right professional for your project is crucial.

Two common roles in this field are User Experience (UX) Designers and Digital Product Designers. While both play pivotal roles in crafting exceptional digital experiences, they have distinct skills and focuses. In this article, we’ll delve into the key differences between a UX designer and a digital product designer, helping you make an informed decision when hiring for your project.

Understanding UX Design

What Is UX Design?

User experience (UX) design revolves around enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and overall feel of a product or service. Digital product design agencies like usually provide UX design as part of their service package. It’s a multifaceted discipline encompassing various aspects:

  1. Research and Analysis: UX design starts with in-depth research and analysis. Designers gather user data, conduct surveys, and perform a competitive analysis to understand user needs and market trends.
  2. Information Architecture: This phase involves structuring information logically, ensuring that users can easily find what they’re looking for. It often includes creating wireframes and prototypes.
  3. Usability Testing: Usability testing is an ongoing process where designers gather feedback from real users to refine the design and functionality continually.
  4. User Interface (UI) Design: While UX design primarily focuses on the overall user experience, user interface (UI) design comes into play when crafting the visual aspects of the product. This includes creating visually appealing layouts, typography, and color schemes.

The Role of a UX Designer

A UX designer’s primary responsibility is to advocate for the user throughout the product development process. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure that the final product aligns with the needs of website visitors and the business goals.

Key tasks of a UX designer include:

  • Conducting research
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes
  • Running usability tests
  • Collaborating with UI designers and developers

Understanding Digital Product Design

What Is Digital Product Design?

Digital product design is a broader term that encompasses various aspects of designing digital products, including both user experience and interface design. While UX design is a subset of digital product design, digital product (DP) designers typically have a wider skill set.

  1. Holistic Product Vision: DP designers take a more holistic approach, considering not only the user experience but also the product’s overall vision and strategy. They aim to create products that are not just usable but also align with the brand’s identity and business objectives.
  2. Cross-Functional Collaboration: These designers often work closely with product managers, marketers, and developers, bridging the gap between design and business goals.
  3. Prototyping and User Testing: Similar to UX designers, these professionals create prototypes and conduct testing. However, they also focus on how these aspects fit into the broader product strategy.

The Role of a Digital Product Designer

DP designers wear multiple hats and have a more comprehensive skill set, including:

  • User research and analysis
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • UI design
  • Interaction design
  • Branding and visual identity
  • Product strategy and roadmap planning

So, Which One Should You Hire?

The choice between hiring a UX designer or a DP designer depends on the specific needs of your project and your overall goals.

Hire a UX Designer If:

  • You primarily need to improve the usability and overall UX of an existing website or app.
  • Your project requires in-depth user research and usability testing.
  • You are working with a limited budget and want to focus on core user experience improvements.

Hire a Digital Product Designer If:

  • You are in the early stages of business development and need someone to shape the entire product’s vision.
  • Your project involves creating a new digital product from scratch.
  • You want a designer who can handle both the user experience and the visual aspects, ensuring a cohesive and holistic design.


In the realm of digital design, both UX designers and DP designers play vital roles in creating exceptional digital experiences. By understanding their differences and evaluating your project’s specific requirements, you can make an informed decision when hiring the right professional to bring your digital vision to life.

In summary, UX designers excel at refining user experiences and conducting user-centric research, while DP designers have a broader skill set and can shape the overall project vision. Whether you opt for a UX designer or a DP designer, the key to success lies in their ability to bridge the gap between user needs and business objectives, ultimately creating products that stand out in the digital landscape.