WATCH LIVE: Brevard County Commission Holds Meeting in Viera on Tuesday

By  //  September 12, 2023

meeting began at 9 a.m.


ABOVE VIDEO: Brevard County Commission to Hold Meeting in Viera on Tuesday.


C. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Commissioner John Tobia, District 3
D. MINUTES FOR APPROVAL: August 3, 2023, Zoning Board Meeting
E.1. Resolution Proclaiming Constitution Week, September 17-23, 2023.
E.2. Resolution acknowledging MaryAnn Sterling as USA Today’s 2023 Woman of the Year –
Florida Honoree
E.3. Resolution Honoring the Retirement of Paul “Doug” Divers
E.4. Check presentation by Senator Debbie Mayfield to Brevard County for Utility Services and Natural Resources Management Departments
F. CONSENT AGENDA (The entire Consent Agenda will be passed in one motion to include everything under Section F.)
Development and Environmental Services Group
Planning and Development
F.1. Legislative Intent and Permission to Advertise Amendments to Chapter 62, Article I, Section 62-2, “Rules of construction and definitions,” Brevard County Code of Ordinances, to add a definition of “Major Transit Stop”
Public Works Department
F.2. Adopt Resolution and Release Performance Bond: Aripeka at Viera, Phases 3 and 4 – District 4
Developer: The Viera Company
F.3. Adopt Resolution and Release Performance Bond: Del Webb at Viera, Phase 2 Subdivision – District 4
Developer: Pulte Home Company, LLC
F.4. Approval, Re: Dedication of Utility Easements from: 1) Wickham Summerbrook, LLC, 2) Summerbrook Commercial Property Owner’s Association, Inc., and, 3) Quick Service Realco, LLC, related to the Plat of Summerbrook Commercial- District 4
F.5. Adopt Resolution and Release Performance Bond: Del Webb at Viera, Phase 3 Subdivision – District 4 Developer: Pulte Home Company, LLC
F.6. Approval, Re: Warranty Deed from School Board of Brevard County Florida for the Mila Elementary Sidewalk Replacement Project – District 2.
F.7. Permission RE: Award to Lowest Bidder for Micco Road Bridge Replacement – District 3
F.8. Approval, Re: Right of Way Reconveyance from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to Brevard County Relating to A. Max Brewer Causeway Project – District 1.
F.9. Permission RE: Reject All Bids Received in Response to B-6-23-69 / Traffic Signal Installation, Maintenance & Emergency Repairs
Solid Waste Management
F.10. Phase VII Sideslope Closure CDF Slurry Wall Landfill Change Order No. 2 Community Services Group
Parks and Recreation Department
F.11. Approval, re: Renewal and Amendments to the Management Services Agreement with Pier 220 Inc. – District 1
F.12. Approval, Re: License Agreement for access across Environmentally Endangered Lands Program managed lands at Grant Flatwoods Sanctuary – District 3
Tourism Development Department
F.13. Approval, Re: Six (6) month extension for the Merritt Island Amphitheatre at Veteran’s Memorial Park groundbreaking period.
Transit Services Department
F.14. Approval, re: Resolutions and Public Transportation Grant Agreements, Florida Department of Transportation Public Transit Block Grant Program
Public Safety Group
Fire Rescue
F.15. Board Approval: Interlocal Agreement between Brevard County, the City of Cape Canaveral/Canaveral Port Authority for E-911 Dispatch Services and Automatic Aid.
F.16. Board Approval: Agreement between Brevard County and the Cape Canaveral Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD) for E-911 Dispatch Services and Facility Use for a County ambulance.
Support Services Group
County Manager
F.17. Appointment(s) / Reappointment(s) Miscellaneous
F.18. Bill Folder
G.1. Ordinance rescinding the Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Midwest Dental Arts, Inc.
G.2. Public Hearing, Re: Ordinance Amending Chapter 78, Article III, Section 78-82, “Parks and Recreation, Use of Parks, Permits.”
G.3. Approval of a Rate Resolution to Impose Non-Ad Valorem Special Assessment for the State’s Medicaid Managed Care for Direct Payment Program for Local Hospitals
G.4. Public Hearing: RE: Inventory List of all Real Property within the County’s Jurisdiction that is Appropriate for use as Affordable Housing.
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Brevard County Board of County Agenda September 12, 2023 Commissioners
H.1. Reconsideration re: Tourist Development Council’s Recommended Funding for Brevard Cultural Alliance.
H.2. Reconsideration re: Tourist Development Council FY 2023-24 Cultural Support Grant Program Recommendations.
Development and Environmental Services Group
I.1. Authorization to foreclose or, in the alternative, sue to recover a money judgment on specified code enforcement liens
Community Services Group I.2. ITEM REMOVED
County Manager
I.3. Approval of Resolution for an Economic Development Inducement for Project Topaz in
I.4. Legislative Intent and Permission to Advertise RE: Amendment to Section 2-176,
Brevard County Code of Ordinances, “Administrative Fines; Costs of Repairs; Liens.”
J.1. Frank Abbate, County Manager
J.2. Morris Richardson, County Attorney
J.3. Tom Goodson, Commissioner District 2, Vice-Chair
J.4 John Tobia, Commissioner District 3
J.5. Rob Feltner, Commissioner District 4
J.6. Jason Steele, Commissioner District 5
J.7. Rita Pritchett, Commissioner District 1, Chair