BCSO BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Merritt Island Man Arrested for Selling Drugs in Local Bars

By  //  October 25, 2023

Suspect Identified as Tanner Wade, 34, from Merritt Island

ABOVE VIDEO: Tanner Wade Arrested for Selling Drugs in Local Bars in Merritt Island

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Wade apparently likes to sell drugs in the bathroom of local bars, which in my opinion is a pretty crappy thing to do but hey…he still does it anyway as peddling poison is his life’s work.

You see, Wade was in the bathroom at a bar in Merritt Island when a concerned citizen contacted the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and made Deputies aware that he was selling drugs out of the John.

While responding to the call Deputy Michael Yanick made a teletype inquiry on Wade and learned that he was on felony probation with a special condition that he was not to visit any bars.

Apparently, Wade struggles to follow rules because he not only was at the bar, but was selling drugs from inside the bar.

Mugshot for Tanner Wade, 34, from Merritt Island. (BCSO Image)

Deputies Yanick and Hannah Wooten subsequently arrived at the bar and found Wade standing just outside the back door of the bar with a beer in his hand. Man, talk about a staggering amount of evidence.

So anyway, while speaking with Wade, the Deputies observe that he is extremely nervous and was actually trying to step away from them.

Deputy Yanick asked Wade if he had anything illegal in his possession, at which time, Wade appeared to get even more nervous. So, the Deputies took him into custody for an On-Site Probation Violation.

As the cuffs were going on Wade, he openly admitted to being in possession of cocaine that was hidden in his pocket.

During a search incident to Wade’s arrest, eight individually packaged baggies containing a white powdery substance that field tested positive for cocaine were located in Wade’s pants pocket.

In total, Wade had in his possession approximately 14.87 grams of the substance and also a single Hydrocodone pill.

During the search, deputies also seized Wade’s $519 in cash, of which $480 was in $20 bills.

Wade also had the keys to his vehicle in his pocket, which was parked in the public parking lot. So, K9 Deputy Lauren Donaldson and her K-9 partner “Zeppelin” joined the party and did a little free-air sniff around Wade’s car.

No surprises here, but Zeppelin positively alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle and a subsequent search produced fourteen identical pills to the Hydrocodone originally found in Wade’s pocket!

On a positive note, Wade admitted to possession with the intent to deliver the cocaine to his friend at a party, and to the possession of the pill for personal use.

As part of our “BCSO Blue Light Special” package, Wade was given a free ride to “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge” where he was booked into his room on a “No Bond” status for Possession Of Cocaine With Intent To Deliver, Possession Of A Controlled Substance, and Violation Of Probation.

As part of the “Blue Light Special” package Wade got one free phone call, a free x-ray and body scan, a slightly used pair of shower slides, and full access to the open area bathroom since he likes hanging out by the toilet.

I absolutely love the work our Deputies do each and every day to protect our community and also the partnership we have with our citizens who “see something and say something!!”

– Sheriff Wayne Ivey