BCSO K-9 Grizz Takes Down Suspect Wanted for Burglary, Second Suspect Arrested

By  //  October 9, 2023


Garrett Lumpkin and Robert Gilliam were charged with three counts of Burglary of a Conveyance and Lumpkin got a little extra something for Resisting Arrest Without Violence. (BCSO Image)

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – So here I was, sound asleep in my kennel, having an awesome dream about staring in the remake of “Rin Tin Tin,” when all of a sudden Adam, the guy who holds the dummy end of the leash, races into my room and yells in his sister’s high pitched voice…”let’s go boy we got a hot one to go to!”

Now of course my first thought was that the “hot and ready” sign was on at the local Krispy Kreme, but then I realized he is literally wanting me to get out of bed to go on some type of felony in progress call where once again I will have to chase down the bad guy, as the Deputies watch me work and then take credit for it.

So we load up in the patrol car and of course Adam turns on all his blue lights and the siren because he thinks it makes him look really cool and he starts telling me how we are responding to a vehicle burglary in progress in the area of Trafford Drive in Viera, where on-scene Deputies have one suspect in custody and another suspect who took off running as Deputies got on scene.

With all that in mind, I asked Adam why he came in and woke me up as we were off duty for the night and he told me that the Sergeant called him and told him to get up and get to the scene because he was the best K-9 Handler in the agency and they needed him.

Of course, I looked at Adam like he had two heads, cause there is no way in hell that Sarge said that, but ok Adam, whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

Now as we arrive on scene, Adam pulls me up to the last place they saw the guy and he tells me I need to start tracking at which point I remind him that I was built for biting people and that if he wanted a tracking dog, he should have called out that big fat dog “Junny” or one of those other weird looking dogs with the big floppy ears.

Feeling all big about himself Adam gives me some kind of command in German, which I guess is supposed to impress his friends and I reluctantly get out of the truck and start searching for this burglar who broke into approximately three different cars and was stealing people’s stuff. Being the great K-9 that I am I tracked this guy through the woods, around the pound, and finally found him hiding like a little baby under some bushes where I went up and just bit him in the leg.

Now since this was my first bite, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, however what I didn’t expect was that the guy would have his cell phone in his pocket, so I bit through it anyway just because I can.

Besides, if he had his phone in an otter box or something like that it wouldn’t have gotten crushed. Oh well, after sinking my teeth into his leg and phone, Adam pulls me off of him and makes me go back to the truck where all the Deputies then take credit for the capture.

Trust me when I tell you that not one of them on scene would have found that guy or have been able to bite him in the leg and his cell phone at the same time!!

Following the bite, Adam is all happy and stuff like he did something!! He didn’t chase the guy, he didn’t find the guy, and he damn sure didn’t bite the guy, so all he really did was drive me to work like the little Uber driver he is.

As Adam and I were heading back home, the Deputies arrested the driver of the getaway car, Robert Gilliam who was smart enough not to run, and Garrett Lumpkin who took off running and in my opinion tastes just like chicken!!

Both, Lumpkin and Gilliam, were charged with three counts of Burglary of a Conveyance and Lumpkin got a little extra something for Resisting Arrest Without Violence.

The total bond for Gilliam was $24,000 and Lumpkin got no bond because he was already out on felony bond from a previous case…Go Figure!!

– Sheriff Wayne Ivey