Qatar Working on Negotiations to Free Israeli Hostages from Hamas Terrorists in Gaza

By  //  October 9, 2023

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(FOX NEWS) – As attempts to save the hostages continue, a possible ray of light for the families: Fox News Digital has learned from sources that Qatar is involved in brokering negotiations to free the innocent Israelis abducted by the terrorists.

Even as the death toll in Israel continued to rise past 700 people on Monday, hundreds of Israeli families were still desperately searching for loved ones who have been missing since the multipronged terrorist attack carried out Saturday along Israel’s border with Gaza by Palestinian terrorists.

Most of those interviewed by Fox News Digital said they believed their relatives – mothers, fathers, children and cousins – were being held by the terrorist group Hamas inside the Gaza Strip.

Many of them based their suspicions on photographs and videos uploaded to social media by the Islamist group and all of them said they had heard nothing from Israeli authorities or international groups about the whereabouts of their family members. They all appealed for the help from groups such as United Nations, the International Red Cross and others to offer them some information about their fate.