Brevard Sheriff’s Office Arrests Convicted Felon for Trafficking Enough Fentanyl to Kill 3,350 People

By  //  November 15, 2023

Message from Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Last night while we were all sleeping safe and sound in our beds, North Precinct Deputy Nick Villacres was once again arresting Marcus Sessions for being a drug dealer. – Sheriff Wayne Ivey

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – While we were all sleeping safe and sound in our beds, North Precinct Deputy Nick Villacres was once again arresting Marcus Sessions for being a drug dealer.

I say “once again” because the guy has a lengthy rap sheet and is also currently out on bond for similar charges where he was arrested just last month by Rockledge PD for almost the same exact thing.

This guy is an already convicted felon who has done time in prison for other drug charges, he gets out of prison and goes back to his same ole crap where he gets arrested for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of methamphetamine, just last month, and then is out on bond doing the same thing.

As I have said before, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

He’s a repeat offender who will just keep repeating crime until someone finally locks his butt up for good.

Last night, he was arrested by Nick after he was sitting in a suspicious vehicle at the Parrish Medical Center in Port St. John. Sessions was a passenger in the front seat of the vehicle and when approached by Deputy Villacres he was observed making furtive movements towards an open backpack at his feet.

Deputy Villacres immediately observed a black object inside the bag that resembled a gun at which time Sessions was given commands to not reach toward the bag.

Sessions responded that it was not a gun but a replica gun that is actually a lighter and then very wisely kept his hands way away from the bag while Deputy Villacres removed the item which was designed to resemble a Glock handgun.

When removing the item, Deputy Villacres observed a plastic baggie inside the backpack that contained a purple powdery substance that later field tested positive for fentanyl.

The substance weighed 6.7 grams and if put into a lethal dose would be enough fentanyl to kill 3,350 people.

Ironically, after being read his rights, Sessions denied ownership of the bag and the fentanyl inside saying that he didn’t know what was in the bag.

Funny, how he knew the replica gun lighter that was in the bag was a lighter and not a gun, but didn’t know about the other stuff.

I wonder if that’s because the replica gun that was in the bag could have got him shot and killed if he had touched it and the poison that was in his backpack could kill the people he was peddling it to.

Well either way his butt got locked up in “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge” on a “No Bond” status for Trafficking in Fentanyl and hopefully our first appearance Judge will keep him locked behind bars this time where he belongs.

Great job Nick for taking this guy off our streets and thank you for standing guard to keep evil away “While We Were Sleeping!”

– Sheriff Wayne Ivey