Things to know before moving to Austin, TX

By  //  May 9, 2024

Austin, Texas – the state capital that keeps turning heads and attracting newcomers in droves. This quirky, culture-rich city truly embodies the spirit of growth and endless possibility.

From its booming job market and exceptional quality of life to the unbeatable live music scene and outdoor havens galore, Austin offers a little something for everyone. So if you’re considering moving to Austin, get ready – this city is poised to blow you away.

Moving to Austin is a chance to embrace a dynamic, opportunity-filled lifestyle in the heart of the Lone Star State. Situated in the balmy heart of central Texas, Austin’s population has exploded in recent decades, now hovering around 950,000 residents. 

Despite this rapid growth, the city manages to retain its funky, welcoming charm that locals affectionately describe as “keeping Austin weird.” That said, here are important facts you need to know before moving to Austin.

Cost Of Living Is Higher Than National Average

The cost of living in Austin is relatively high compared to the national average. According to recent data, Austin’s cost of living index clocks in at around 107, with 100 being the national baseline. 

Housing expenses like rent and home prices tend to be the biggest budget-busters, with the median home value hovering around $470,000 as of late 2022. 

However, don’t let those numbers dissuade you. Austin residents enjoy higher average incomes to help offset the elevated living costs. Plus, no state income tax in Texas. 

This means your hard-earned dollars can stretch further. With prudent budgeting and an appetite for Austin’s inimitable culture, the higher price tag can be well worth it.

Experiences Lower Crime Rates Compared To Other Major Cities 

When it comes to safety and security, Austin has much to brag about. Violent crime rates in the city fall well below national averages – 32% lower, to be precise. Property crime rates are also impressively low at 26% below the U.S. average, according to recent FBI data.

This peaceful, low-crime environment allows Austin residents to embrace the vibrant local scene with ease. Whether strolling along the trails, hitting a trendy restaurant downtown, or enjoying a night of live music, you can rest assured that Austin prioritizes community well-being. 

A robust police presence, strong neighborhood watch programs, and civic engagement all contribute to these stellar public safety stats.

Austin Has Unlimited Job Opportunities 

Austin’s job market has always been booming, with seemingly endless opportunities across a wide range of industries. 

Tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Tesla have planted major operations here, capitalizing on Austin’s business-friendly environment and incredible talent pool. The city is also a hub for entrepreneurs, startups, and creatives of all stripes.

Beyond tech, major sectors like healthcare, higher education, aviation, finance, and hospitality offer abundant career paths. As of late 2022, Austin’s unemployment rate stood at around 3.1% – well below the national average of 3.7%. 

With a constant influx of major employers and the University of Texas system anchoring the economy, finding fulfilling work is a breeze. 

It Is A Perfect Place For Schooling 

Speaking of education, Austin is an absolute mecca when it comes to top-tier schooling for students of all ages. 

The city boasts countless excellent options for K-12 public schools, including nationally-ranked programs and magnet academies specializing in everything from STEM to fine arts. The Austin Independent School District (AISD) serves over 75,000 students across 130+ campuses.

Higher education is a major point of pride too. Specifically, The University of Texas at Austin ranks among the top public universities nationwide. 

This institution is known for its exceptional programs in business, engineering, computer science, and more. Other standout options like St. Edward’s University, Huston-Tillotson University, and Austin Community College further elevate the city’s brain power.

Austin Has A More Moderate Weather 

While Texas is known for blistering summer heat, Austin enjoys a milder, more moderate climate than other major metro areas across the state. 

The city averages around 300 sunny days per year with relatively low humidity levels, making those “sweater weather” seasons just about perfect. Summertime highs reach into the 90s on average, but cool nights offer relief.

As for winters? You’d hardly know it’s the cold season, with highs in the 60s and very little frozen precipitation. Spring and fall are idyllic, with abundant sunshine and highs in the 70s and 80s – perfect for enjoying Austin’s boundless outdoor spaces. 

For those seeking refuge from extreme temperatures, Austin delivers its pleasant, sunny disposition year-round.  

Has Great Neighborhoods To Live

Austin has no shortage of eclectic, desirable neighborhoods to explore as a newcomer. The ultra-hip East Austin district exemplifies the city’s funky spirit with its colorful murals, buzzing culinary scene, live music venues and more. 

Meanwhile, the affluent Westlake area offers a luxe suburban vibe with pristine parks and tremendous schools.  

Other top picks include the sunny Allandale neighborhood, the walkable Brentwood area, and the family-friendly Anderson Mill. 

No matter your style or budget, Austin’s diverse patchwork of neighborhoods delivers communities to suit every taste. Each one packs a distinct cultural flavor while upholding that signature Austin weirdness.

Austin Is A Food And Beer Lover’s Paradise 

Part of the allure of moving anywhere new is the culinary scene, and Austin knocks it out of the park on that front. This city is an absolute mecca for “foodie” types who crave innovative cuisine spanning countless international influences. 

From unbeatable Tex-Mex and smoked BBQ to elevated farm-to-table experiences and genre-bending fusion joints, Austin delivers an endless stream of memorable meals.

Brunch culture is also huge here, whether you prefer boozy morning cocktails or hearty fare before a day of activities. And don’t forget about the craft beer scene – Austin boasts over 30 breweries and counting, making it a sudsy utopia for hopheads. 

Basically, if you enjoy trying new flavors and indulging in every meal, Austin is your happy place. 

Traffic Congestion Can Get Worse  Here

While Austin receives high marks in most livability categories, no city is perfect. One of the biggest drawbacks to living here is the potential for horrendous traffic congestion. 

Austin’s rapid growth has put major strains on the transportation infrastructure, leading to routinely clogged arteries and lengthy commute times.

According to recent data, the average Austin driver spends around 41 hours annually stuck in congestion during peak periods. The I-35 and Loop 1 (Mopac) are two of the biggest culprits during rush hours. 

Plans for improvements like added toll roads and expanded public transit are underway, but traffic woes are simply a part of living in this booming area for now. 

Austin Is Referred As The Live Music Capital Of The World

It would be remiss not to mention Austin’s world-renowned live music scene, one of the hottest cultural draws to the city. From raucous watering holes to iconic outdoor festivals, you’ll find incredible local and touring acts performing around every corner in Austin. 

The city’s official slogan “Live Music Capital of the World” is a well-earned moniker.

The annual Austin City Limits and South by Southwest (SXSW) festivals are marquee events music fans flock to from around the globe. 

But there’s nonstop action even beyond these juggernauts, thanks to the “sponsor” program offering performance incentives to venues. Whether you’re into country, indie rock, blues, Latin, hip hop or beyond, Austin has a soundtrack for you.

Boasts A Plethora Of Outdoor Activities

In between all that eating, drinking, and music-appreciating, Austin locals love to recharge in the nice weather with some outdoor recreation. The city’s parks system includes over 300 parks and 32 public pools, perfect for hiking, biking, and soaking up rays. 

The iconic Barton Creek Greenbelt weaves through downtown, while Lady Bird Lake draws paddlers and joggers galore.  

Just outside Austin’s city limits, mind-blowing natural attractions like Hamilton Pool, Longhorn Caverns, and Pedernales Falls State Park beckon with even more opportunities for adventure. 

From kayaking and rock climbing to birding and simply relaxing in a peaceful oasis, endless outdoor pursuits await those moving to Austin.


By now, the evidence is crystal clear – moving to Austin means embracing an abundantly vibrant, endlessly exciting lifestyle in one of America’s fastest-growing cities. 

Here, skyrocketing career opportunities meet unbeatable quality of life and a funky cultural vibe unlike anywhere else. 

While a higher cost of living and traffic congestion are realities, Austin’s boundless charms make it more than worth it. So, don’t overlook the abundance of opportunities and excitement awaiting you in this bustling city.

As you prepare to embark on your adventure in the lively city of Austin, don’t let the complexities of moving bog you down. 

Instead, secure a seamless transition by engaging the services of professional movers. With their skills and knowledge, they’ll manage the logistics, freeing you up to immerse yourself in the vibrant Austin life. But be sure to choose a mover wisely. 

To achieve this, look for service providers with a solid reputation for reliability and quality service. Assess factors like licensing, insurance, and industry experience. 

And don’t forget to obtain quotes from several moving companies to compare prices and services. By partnering with the most suitable service provider, you can ensure a stress-free move to your new home in Austin.