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NASA Selects Axiom Space to Deliver Moonwalking Spacesuits for Artemis III Lunar Mission

NASA has selected Axiom Space to deliver a moonwalking system for the Artemis III mission, which will land Americans on the surface of the Moon for the first time in over 50 years. Axiom Space will be responsible for the design, development, qualification, certification, and production of its spacesuits and support equipment that will meet these key agency requirements for Artemis III. […]

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BREVARD TOURISM: Artemis Launch Fuels Possibly Strongest August in History, Pushed Labor Day into New Territory

PETER CRANIS: Artemis helps round out what could be the strongest August in history and pushed Labor Day into new territory. The Artemis launch attempt on Monday, August 29 helped finish the month with a strong 93% occupancy rate the Sunday night prior. When compared to July 4th which also fell on a Monday – the Sunday night before was 82%. […]