Dwight Howard: Bigger Than Basketball

By  //  November 1, 2011


Published: November 2011

Orlando Magazine


ORLANDO, FLORIDA – The dreams started when Dwight Howard was a boy, visiting him with vivid reality. Soon he came to see them as future frames on a filmstrip, a sneak peek at where the linear progression of his life would take him.

Basketball would become his fame—he saw that in his childhood dreams—but the sphere he would eventually hold in his hands was not the one stamped with the NBA logo. It was bigger than that, bigger than the impact he would have on basketball. It was the impact he would have on the world.

He saw that in his sleep, the dreams sometimes so real he swore he was awake. Later, when he really was awake, it would all unfold before his eyes just as it did behind them. A world traveler now, Howard long ago saw himself on different continents, spreading both cheer and charity.

Basketball was the passport that would take him there, but basketball wasn’t why he was there. In those dreams he saw people rushing to him, following him, knowing he would take them somewhere special.

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