DoctorsPartner ‘The Right Fit’ For Busy Medical Practice

By  //  April 18, 2012

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BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – When discussing the business of medicine, few know more about those dynamics than Dr. Fahim Rahim and his partners. 

Naeem Rahim

A Nephrologist by trade, but also an entrepreneur by heart, Dr. Rahim is responsible for over 10 different businesses that relate to medicine and medical technology.

“My brother (Dr. Raeem Rahim) and I have always been fully engaged with the medical profession,” said Rahim.

Whether the task is related to patient care, or the technology involved in delivering that care, we have always considered ourselves to be at the forefront of quality healthcare.”


The Rahim brothers, along with Dr. Michael Haderlie, own and operate the Idaho Kidney Institute.  The multi-physician and multi-location practice opened its doors in 2005 with the goal of operating with the highest standards possible.

In order to accomplish those high standards, the partners knew automated technology would need to be the center of their practice.

“While searching the market for the best electronic medical records system we reviewed several of the leading companies such as GE, McKesson and Meditech,” said Fahim Rahim.

Raeem Rahim

“Although each system was unique and beneficial none offered the ease and flexibility we needed to manage our practice.”

DoctorsPartner ‘The Right Fit’

Despite going up against some of the HIE industry’s largest names, the small Melbourne, Florida company was able to win over the Rahim’s business.

“After speaking with DoctorsPartner it quickly became clear this was the right fit for our practice,” said Fahim Rahim.

Doctor’s Partner is a fully customizable electronic medical records solution. The company prides itself in developing platforms that conform to their clients instead of making the client conform to the software.

“With Doctor’s Partner I felt like I had a true ally in making the step to fully automating my practice,” said Fahim Rahim.

“I could call in and actually speak to the CEO of the company at any time.  This was the type of service we felt we needed to be successful.”

“Without DoctorsPartner it would be impossible to schedule and see the patient volume we handle on a day-to-day basis,” said Fahim Rahim. ”It simply couldn’t be done.”

Creating a platform specifically for Rahim and his group was critical to satisfy the high standards of Idaho Kidney Institute, which serves more than 8,000 patients in three locations.

In order to accommodate such a large number of patients, the practice typically sees 60 to 70 patients each day.

“Without DoctorsPartner it would be impossible to schedule and see the patient volume we handle on a day-to-day basis,” said Fahim Rahim. “It simply couldn’t be done.”


DoctorsPartner devised several unique solutions to address these challenges.

“Given the multiple locations, physicians, and other logistics, this was a great practice to work with to perfect our products,” said DoctorsPartner President and CEO Naveen Venkatachalam.

“Dr. Rahim’s practice required a big push in the area of communication. Our internal messaging system allows each employee and location to stay in contact. That feature was then able to be deployed on each employee’s mobile device, allowing access and communication to remain seamless.”

Seamless Functionality

“At this point I am proud to say, because of DoctorsPartner, that our practice is paperless, seamless in communications and workflow, and rated at the top .01% of physician practices in regards to performance and functionality,” said Dr. Rahim.

“We feel strongly that we would not have accomplished these feats without the assistance of Doctor’s Partner.”