Workforce, Chambers ‘Jumpstart’ Employment

By  //  June 5, 2012

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Brevard Workforce has partnered with area Chambers to engage and connect with Brevard businesses.

The partnership with the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida, and the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce will help promote Brevard Workforce’s new “Jumpstart” campaign and the wide range of services it offers Brevard businesses, most of which are free of cost.


“This partnership will empower local businesses with the knowledge that Brevard Workforce is here to help them,” said Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce president Marcia Gaedcke.

“We hope they take advantage of all that is offered to them.”

On the Job Training

Highlights of Brevard Workforce’s business services include On the Job Training (OJT) placements, in which Brevard Workforce covers 50-90 percent of a new employee’s salary for up to six months.

In an OJT placement, employers can select from a pool of eligible individuals or can refer a potential employee to the program to determine if he or she is eligible.


“If your business is thinking about hiring, I strongly recommend contacting Brevard Workforce first,” said Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida President Christine Michaels.

“We’re happy to help promote these efforts because we know they help support our community and our businesses.”

Feature Articles, Social Media To Reach Business Community

In accordance with the partnership, the chambers will feature articles, social media posts, sponsorships, presentations, and more about Brevard Workforce and its services and opportunities that will reach their large audience of Brevard businesses.


“This partnership is a great example of how Brevard organizations can work together to achieve the goal of putting people back to work,” said Victoria Northrup, president of the Greater Palm Bay Chamber.

“It’s truly beneficial for everybody involved.”

For more information and details about Brevard Workforce’s business services CLICK HERE