Helen Voltz Hears Special Calling, Endorsed By Dave Weldon

By  //  July 13, 2012


AS A BREVARD COUNTY COMMISSIONER HELEN VOLTZ, above, during a trip to Washington DC to garner support from various legislative delegates and federal agencies on several pertinent issues facing the Space Coast. Voltz’s ability to relate to, and bring people together, is a hallmark of both her medical and public service careers. (Spacecoastedc.org image)

Voltz’s Ability To Relate To, and Bring People Together, Is A Hallmark of Both Her Medical and Public Service Careers

“I have known and worked with Helen Voltz for 20 years. She is honest, hard working and a solid conservative – the kind of  person we need serving in government and she has my support.” – Dr. Dave Weldon

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Medical professionals often describe the path to a medical career as a special calling to help others. For many, the calling begins as early as their childhood and the path continues through college.

HELEN VOLTZ has announced her candidacy and is running for the Brevard County Commission, District 3 seat. Voltz has received the endorsement of Dr. Dave Weldon, who served as a U.S. Congressman from 1995 through 2008, and is also a physician with MIMA. “I have known and worked with Helen Voltz for 20 years,” said Dr. Weldon. She is honest, hard working and a solid conservative – the kind of person we need serving in government and she has my support.” Images for SpaceCoastDaily.com

For Helen Voltz, the path started on a route she never could have imagined, and the journey didn’t start until she had three children of her own.

A native of Pittsburgh, Voltz moved to Florida with her husband, Norman, 43 years ago. After 10 years in Fort Lauderdale, Helen and Norman, decided to take their three boys three hours north, to raise their family in Brevard County.

Only 10 years after their move, Voltz was in the midst of the most traumatic struggle of her life.

She watched her oldest son, Jeff, struggle for survival against cystic fibrosis. The disease finally took his life in 1990 at the age of 19.

Voltz’s Abiltiy To Relate To, and Bring People Together, Is A Hallmark of Both Her Medical and Public Service Careers

Throughout his courageous battle, Voltz grew disheartened by the lack of individual attention he received throughout treatment.

Determined to make a positive impact, she took the first steps to pursue a degree in Registered Nursing, where she knew she could provide patients with the compassionate care she expected for her son.

“I spent so much time in and out of the hospital with him.” Voltz said.

“I was in there six months out of the year off and on most of his life. I encountered a specific hospital, it wasn’t around here (Brevard County), but the nursing was so bad and I thought, ‘I can do better than this.’ I saw the need for good nurses, first-hand.”

Within two years, Voltz graduated with a degree from Brevard Community College’s Registered Nursing program. In March of 2001 Helen’s other son, Kevin, was killed by a drunk driver.

Three months later, Voltz viewed her time with Circles of Care as an outreach to those who suffered from mental issues spurred by alcoholic behavior.

Helping Those Who Had No Where Else To Turn

Following the tragic accident, Voltz’ resolve was re-enforced by her initiative to help those who had no where else to turn for assistance.

HELEN VOLTZ with Florida Representative Steve Crisafulli, who was first elected to the House in 2008.

“Since I had so much alcoholism in my family, I felt psych nursing was a way to help people deal with their problems related to alcohol addiction.”

Nancy Whelan, a co-worker at Circles of Care, recalls the devotion and passion Voltz showed in her interaction with every patient.

“Helen spent time with each and every patient,” Whelan said. “She was a great supporter and she went the extra mile for each patient.”

‘Great Character Qualities’

Community leaders witnessed the same devotion from Voltz when she served as both a city councilwoman and county commissioner. Pete Balciunas, pastor of Awake Christian Church in Melbourne, sees the same devotion from Helen in his church’s ministry.

“I have encountered many fine individuals with great character qualities. Helen Voltz rises to the top in the five years that I have known her. She is kind, caring and resolved in her beliefs.”

Helen’s strong faith and friendly leadership skills helped her raise $50,000 in one year working with former Orlando Magic head coach, Brian Hill and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

“I got to know the Hills very well and I was up in Morrisville, North Carolina when their daughter was being treated at Duke University. We were there when she got the call for her lung transplant, so we went through a lot together.”

During her terms as a County Commissioner, Voltz’s accomplishments included the establishment of a workshop that brought together CEO’s of the four hospitals in Brevard County to study and address the lack of hospital beds for Baker Act patients.

She was also instrumental in establishing a team in South Melbourne, which took on the formidable task of combating juvenile crime in the city. She also teamed with other officials and leaders to save Patrick Air Force Base from being closed.

‘We Need Her Back On the County Commission’

HELEN VOLTZ has lived, worked and been dedicated to Brevard County for more than 32 years. At left she is shown with her son, Brad, and husband, Norman. The Voltz’s oldest son died in 1990 of Cystic Fibrosis and their second son was killed by a drunk driver in 2001.

Former Congressman and medical doctor Dave Weldon also observed Helen’s Pittsburgh blue collar style work ethic when she served as his campaign manager in 1994. As members of the same church, Weldon also saw her compassion for helping the community.

“Helen has always had an interest in helping the common, hard-working people of this area,” Weldon said. “We need her back on the County Commission.”

During the past two years, Voltz served as president of the Republican Women’s Network and she is now the immediate past President of the organization.

Today, as Voltz seeks to return to public office, she meets Brevard residents who still remember her devotion and compassion from the past two decades.
“In going door to door, so many people told me they remembered me helping them through hurricanes, or permitting,” said Voltz.

“I couldn’t believe there were so many people I helped that I didn’t even realize. I just do it because it’s my job, and I don’t take credit for the accomplishments I’ve made.”


BELOW VIDEO: Former Congressman Dave Weldon Endorses Helen Voltz for Brevard County Commissioner.

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  1. Helen became a personal friend of mine in the ’80s and has remained so. With each encounter, I have seen so much growth, and her personal interest in speaking has bonded us together. She is direct, looks you straght in the eyes, and smiles and nods in understadning. She never shies away from any subject, and it’s been my pleasure to know both her and her husband, Norman. They are friendly on all accounts.

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