Lochte Beats Phelps In 400 Individual Medly

By  //  July 28, 2012



EDITOR’S NOTE: SpaceCoastDaily.com’s Giles Malone, a native of England and 30-year resident of Brevard County, is in London covering the Olympic Games. He was at the Opening Ceremony and following is his report.

The irresistible force of world champion Ryan Lochte smashed Phelps in this, the first Gold medal of the games for the USA

THE OLYMPIC GAMES • LONDON, ENGLAND – The 14- time Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps was dethroned tonight in London in the Final of the Mens 400 Meters Individual Medly by fellow American Ryan Lochte.

“Four years is a long time and I put the work in,” said Lochte, just minutes after his gold victory. “I’m just having fun racing.”

Surprisingly, the spectacular swimming arena, with a ceiling seemingly shaped like the underbelly of a whale, had quite a few empty seats. I could easily see Michelle Obama from our seats as she waved enthusiastically as Lochte powered to the Gold.

Ryan Lochte was having the swim of his life, as he dominated the race, and at 27 (the same age as Phelps), had earned the first Gold of the games for the USA. ( ShareATT image)

USA flags were on view everywhere as the U.S. fans were hoping for a USA Gold and Silver. That was not to be – but the night would belong to the  USA.

The race began with the butterfly, and a  good clean start by Phelps and an amazingly deep and long start by Lochte. On the turn, Phelps seemed sluggish off the wall, while Lochte had a very strong kick off the wall. Lochte was first to turn, followed by Phelps, and then came the butterfly.

Lochte then took over and began to pull away from the other swimmers. The backstroke proved to be the big  move by Lochte as he developed  a huge, visible lead.

The crowd almost seemed to gasp in unison at the sight of Lochte powering through the water and dominating the field. Phelps looked like he never got going and faded half way through the race.

To the shouts of USA, USA, Lochte lead by a big margin at the half way point, while Phelps was in trouble in third.

Lochte was having the swim of his life, as he dominated the race, and at 27 (the same age as Phelps), had earned the first Gold of the games for the USA.

The medal ceremony was stirring as the massive USA flag  was  hoisted in the center in between Brazil (Silver) and Japan (Bronze) to cheers “USA, USA.”

Ryan Lochte’s dream had come true.

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