Dream Comes True For The People’s Vote Founder

By  //  July 4, 2012

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Business Launches Today

BREVARD COUNTY • PALM BAY, FLORIDA – Chuck Kirkpatrick is a highly successful businessman in Florida who had a dream.

Chuck Kirkpatrick operates The People's Vote. (Image courtesy Chuck Kirkpatrick)

Not just a “dream”- but a highly defined and repetitive dream- that will come to life today, July 4.

Chuck dreamed several nights in succession- about a website. He dreamed that he was on television, talking to CNN’s Larry King and the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity about this extraordinary website that would be “the voter’s tool of the future.”

And he described it in great detail.

So Chuck decided to go in search of just such a website on the internet and to his surprise, there was nothing like it in existence! That was two years ago.

And now- his dream- www.ThePeoplesVote.com is about to come alive. And what better day to launch such a site than on the Fourth of July?

What is The People’s Vote?

Based on the 100 year old Initiative and Referendum Process, ThePeoplesVote.com is a nonpartisan, internet based, ballot and social utility that creates Advisory Propositions, at the federal, state and local level in which citizens learn about and cast votes “online” on the most popular public policies, before they become law. Ballot results are analyzed, sorted by Congressional District, and instantly communicated to Congress.

In a letter to our lawmakers from Mr Kirkpatrick:

“My company, ThePeoplesVote.com, selected a Headquarters Location on Florida’s Space Coast, and we have been awarded various city, county and state incentives for creating as many as 125 jobs over the next few years.


Our company will be launching nationwide today, with an initial focus on the state of Florida but we will be bringing the rest of the states online by the end of the year. I would like to meet with you to discuss how our System has been designed to help our lawmakers improve communications with their constituents. Many high ranking public policy officials in numerous states have called our system “the voters tool of the future.”

ThePeoplesVote.com creates nonpartisan Advisory Propositions at the federal, state and local level in which Citizens can learn about and cast votes “online” on the most important public policy issues, before they become law. Ballot results are verified, sorted, totaled and automatically communicated to lawmakers, removing the uncertainty as to how their constituents expect to be represented. With two years of research and development, our System will allow America’s form of representative government to work in a more efficient interactive way, the way our Founders intended. With over 20 Voter Features in a simple Dashboard Control, our high security state of the art System provides “voter involved solutions” while making politics fun and easy for every citizen.

“ThePeoplesVote.com concept is timed beautifully for American politics in 2012. This company will provide businesses, local, state and federal government agencies, political parties and candidates instant data and feedback on where voters stand on any issue. ThePeoplesVote.com is the answer.” Mark Taylor, former Georgia Lt. Governor

I am looking forward to working closely with our lawmakers, and would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience.”

Be sure to visit The People’s Vote and watch the short video that goes into detail about how YOU can get engaged in the political process, get educated on the issues and have an interactive way to communicate with others.

Membership is free- but there are several choices, depending on your level of interest.


“Why should we vote at a time when our system of government doesn’t seem to be working at all? Congress is not delivering on campaign promises, and instead of taking on the tough challenges, lawmakers leave town and hide, or they walk out of chambers. With no accountability, they waste billions of taxpayer money, and continue to ask for more. They say they are doing what is right for all Americans, yet they never ask us. They fight and bicker like immature children, and seem to care more about party victory than what is right for America. And every indication is that it may get worse. So why should we care?

Because the United States is a country where every American holds our destiny in their own hands. A destiny we can change by stepping into the jury box, standing up at a town meeting, and pushing those buttons in the voting booth. But it’s more than a simple responsibility. Participating in the governance process is a sacred trust passed on to us by our Founding Fathers. We participate in the process because it’s the way we change things in America, it’s the we reform a damaged system. It’s how we fight off threats to our liberties and rights. And it’s the way we have kept America free for hundreds of years, and it’s the way we will stay a free country.

“United we stand, divided we fall.” Chuck Kirkpatrick, President and CEO of The People’s Vote.

Candidates come and go, and elections will forever end in victory and defeat. Regrettably, we sometimes elect crooks and liars, and those that insist they know what’s best for everybody. But sometimes we do elect the true people’s servants. Those that proudly walk through the halls of Congress, or steps to the podium at the state legislature, seconds a motion at a city or county commission meeting, or moves into the Oval Office. But they are all ready and proud to do the peoples work – true patriots that are eager to listen to the people, and craft policies that improve and enrich the lives of generations to come. And, for those exact reasons, it absolutely matters that you vote. It is your voice – and you are the only person that can broadcast it. So it is your right to applaud, and complain, and cry, march, rally, protest, whine, and even petition. But unless you take action, those acts of emotion will change nothing. The current system that continues to disenfranchise our citizens will still be there when you return home from that weekend rally at the capital.

I remember a time when “The Great Institute of Congress” was often used when describing our lawmakers, and we can never give up hope that we will hear that term again.

“United we stand, divided we fall,” said Chuck Kirkpatrick, President and CEO of The People’s Vote.

You can learn more about The People Vote on Facebook -just click the link to “LIKE” the page. You can also join The People’s Vote on LinkedIn, Google Plus and on Twitter @ThePeoplesVote.