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Ivey, Evans, Ellis, Blickley, Voltz, Deardoff and Archer Winners

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The 2012 Primary Straw Poll is now closed, and although unscientific, yielded some interesting result in front of tomorrow’s primary elections:

Dave Weldon

Dave Weldon is certainly Brevard’s favorite son as he garnered 60 percent of the vote, defeating Connie Mack and two other contenders, for the right to face Bill Nelson in November for a U.S. Senate seat.

• In the Presidential race, (not on the primary ticket, but just for fun) Brevard once again showed its conservative majority as Mitt Romney shellacked Barack Obama by a 2 to 1 margin.

Wayne Ivey

• As to who will be Brevard County’s next sheriff, the voters say former FDLE agent Wayne Ivey will defeat Brevard County Sheriff Lt. Todd Maddox by a margin of 10 percent as Ivey garnered  689 votes to Maddox’s 574.

Hank Evans

• In the Port Commission races, Hank Evans earned 70 percent of the vote over incumbent commissioner Joe Matheny; and sitting port commissioner Bruce Deardoff prevailed over challenger Chuck Sheridan with 54 percent of the vote.

Scott Ellis

• In the hotly contested Brevard County Clerk of Courts race between former clerk Scott Ellis and incumbent Mitch Needelman, Ellis was the clear-cut winner with over 70 percent of the vote.

Dana Blickley earned a majority of the votes (52 percent) over her opponents, Jason Steele and incumbent Jim Ford in the race for Brevard County Property Appraiser.

Helen Voltz

• In the Brevard County Commission, Seat 3, race two-time Brevard County Commissioner Helen Voltz earned 49 percent of the vote over incumbent Trudi Infantini (37 percent) and challenger Jason Mahaney (14 percent).

• In the race for State Attorney, Phil Archer won by the largest margin of any contest, defeating Ryan James Vescio by a 83 percent to 17 percent margin.

• In the Brevard School Board, District 4 election, Karen Henderson garnered 58 percent of the vote over Keri Lewis.


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Poll Closed at 7:00 p.m., Monday, Aug. 13, 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE: This Straw Poll is an informal vote with non-binding results. Space Coast makes straw polls available to serve as a precursor and provide dialogue among movements within large groups, reflecting trends like organization and motivation. Each computer or device linked to the internet may vote once for each candidate.

For information about Early Voting or the upcoming Primary Election call the Brevard County Elections Office at 321-633-2124 or visit


  1. Todd Maddox for Sheriff! The right man for the job! Hard work not politics. It’s about time we show people that money can not buy votes. Maddox is the only candidate that has been able to clearly present his ideas for when he becomes sheriff. After reviewing some of the debates between Maddox and Ivey, I am still unable to understand what Ivey’s plans are if he were to become sheriff. I have even gone as far as attempting to ask an Ivey supporter to explain why they support Ivey, and the only response I have gotten is that they have known Ivey for a long time. I have known my hair stylist for a long time, but that doesn’t make her a good candidate for Sheriff.
    Maddox has the experience in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office that Ivey clearly does not. Ivey’s inability to remain within a department proves his lack of dedication. I also question the reliability of a candidate whose personnel file is approximately 500 papers. Todd Maddox is the right choice for Brevard’s next Sheriff!

  2. Go Wayne Go, You have the Sheriff’s Jack Parkers support along with many others. Jack Parker is loved and admired by all. If Jack Parker would turn the reins over to you than that’s good enough for me.

  3. I would like to cast my vote but there is no place to make a selection. My vote is for Todd Maddox. He has lived and worked in our county for the last 22 years and was recruited from Alabama to come work for BCSO. He holds the highest testable rank within the department, every rank above his is appointed! He just walked our entire county so he could meet as many of you as he could!! That is amazing! Good Luck Mr.Maddox!!

  4. Todd Maddox….supported by the deputies! The man gets my vote. Worked there for 22 years. Grass roots campaign. Outspent 4 to 1 by his opponent. Money cannot by everything, Thank GOD. Todd Maddox for Sheriff!

  5. Wayne Ivey has previously received the endorsement of hundreds of Community Leaders and Law Enforcement Officers, to include Sheriff Jack Parker, the NRA, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, the Florida PBA, the Coastal Florida PBA, the Fraternal Order of Police Palm Bay Lodge 111, The Brevard County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2969, Space Coast Realtors®, the Melbourne Area Association of Realtors, Florida Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam, FDLE Commissioner Tim Moore (ret.), Florida House Representative Steve Crisafulli, Colonel Danny McKnight USA (ret.), former Sheriff’s candidate and BCSO Sergeant Gary Harrell and the strong support of current and former Brevard County Chiefs of Police.

  6. Shalom 25 Av 5772

    Food For Thought ~
    ALL Those For Abortion Have Already Been Born !

    I choose Todd Maddox due to the fact
    he has more transparency then the other candidate.
    Also, Todd Maddox is much more of a conservative
    then the other candidate even appears to be.

    Dr. Dave Weldon has conservative values.
    The only problem I see with Dr. Dave Weldon is
    that he values money above life.
    I do like that he is anti-abortion.

    At just four weeks into pregnancy,
    the heart starts beating
    and becomes a living human being.
    Just after four weeks (legal or not),
    it truly becomes murder in the eyes of the Almighty.
    As a registered Independent
    my values lean towards conservatism and life.

  7. Vote for Evans and Sheridan for Port Authority to keep the greedy bas@#$de who run the port in check. Port officials get paid way too much.

  8. “Lady” has it right ! Being with my husband while he has run this campaign has been a real eye opener! We need to get back to honor and integrity. And that goes for all of America. Vote EVANS and SHERIDAN

  9. Wayne,

    We take comfort in knowing you will be a Sheriff that will keep in mind the best interest of the citizens of Brevard County!

    Kris Thomas

  10. I would like to be the first to congratulate Wayne Ivey on his win when all the votes are counted and he trumps the other candidate! Go Wayne Go!

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