Youth Football Season Nears Midway Point Of Schedule

By  //  September 24, 2012

West Melbourne Aiming To Make History

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BREVARD COUNTY • WEST MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – As youth football nears the midway point of the 2012 season in Brevard County, several things are becoming apparent.

Tannor Daniels carries the ball for West Melbourne during a Mighty Mites division youth football game at Rodes Park. (Image by Christey Krause)

The first fact is that West Melbourne has an incredibly strong program — maybe one of the best group of teams of all-time — and they will be hard to stop not only in division races, but also may go deep into the playoffs.

In all seven tackle football divisions, West Melbourne teams lead or are tied at the top of the standings and more importantly, have racked up an astounding record of 35-0 in games so far.

What that means is that every West Melbourne youth football team is undefeated through the first five games of the year and they have outscored the opposition in those contests by a combined score of 1,202 to 171. That’s an average of 34.3 points per game for each West Melbourne team while only surrendering an average of 4.8 points per game.

If not for touchdowns given up in Week 3 against Sebastian and in Week 4 against Melbourne, West Melbourne’s Mighty Mites division squad would be unscored upon for the entire season.

Few programs in the 40-year history of the league have ever been so dominant through the five first games of the season.

A key test for West Melbourne will take place in the final week of the regular season Oct. 20 against the Palm  Bay Pirates.

Palm Bay’s Mighty Mites, Juniors and Seniors division teams also are undefeated and tied with West Melbourne for the division lead in the Brevard County Youth Football and Cheerleading Association’s South Conference in those divisions.

Week 6 of the season will be played this Saturday with Sebastian traveling to Palm Bay, Port St. John at Merritt Island, Melbourne visiting South Beach, Titusville at Rockledge and Suntree/Viera at West Melbourne. Bayside has a bye week.


  1. LETS GO PALM BAY PIRATES!! I was think on Sept 15th Melbourne scored on West Melbourne…. mmmm might want to look that up! On another note, I can also recall other team NOT having try outs, unlike West Melbourne cutting kids. Have to say thanks to ALL the other teams for letting it be first come first serve.

  2. What you fail to mention in this article is West Melbourne is in a league of its own. ? Do you really believe they would make history if they did what the rest of the leagues do and take the 1st 30 kids that sign up? The rest of the leagues do not do tryouts or cut kids. I don’t see how they feel they dominate….dominating would be not having tryouts and working with what you get….I’M JUST SAYING…Go Pirates

    • Again, get your facts straight before you comment. If you don’t have more players than needed, than why would you cut anyone? Think about it. Remember your kids learn from your actions, let’s hope they don’t act like this!

  3. LETS GO PALM BAY PIRATES!! I was think on Sept 15th Melbourne scored on West Melbourne…. mmmm might want to look that up! On another note, I can also recall other team NOT having try outs, unlike West Melbourne cutting kids. Have to say thanks to ALL the other teams for letting it be first come first serve

  4. Hats off to West Melbourne first of all. They have a good program year end and out. With the financial backing they have and other program backing resources, its kind of hard for them to not have good teams. They don’t ever have a traveling flag team too, because they have in house flag teaching them there universal offense. So when their flag teams start at tackle they already a step ahead. Its only halfway through the season, but I can guarantee when they play the ROCK in two weeks, not only will they give up points, but in at least two or three teams will leave with a loss.

  5. It’s funny West Melbourne never talks about dominating other teams. It’s always other teams or people that say thing about West Melbourne. West Melbourne does not care if they win, as long as the kids are having fun and trying their best. If a team beats West Melbourne thats fine as long as the kids did their best. There are a lot of other teams out there just as good. West Melbourne hopes teams come in and play their best and do well. There must be a reason why parents bring their kids out to West Melbourne from other leages. There are kids on West Melbourne teams from Palm Bay, Bayside, South Beach, and Viera. If other leages score thats fine, we just got to score more! We are proud of our teams and kids hard work. Go Luck to all the kids and teams in our leage and in all sports! But I must say GO WEST MELBOURNE!!!

  6. Just to put the facts straight, West Melbourne didn’t make one cut this year due to low registration numbers. Therefore we had no tryouts. I appreciate CoachD with the compliments of our league, we try hard to have a disciplined well coached organization. With that said, your right TEAM MOM and Barb we normally dont take the first 30. We let everyone sign up that wants to play football but unfortunately not all can fit on a 35 man roster.
    CoachD, I dont know about the financial backing your talking about or other program backing resources you mean. All of our monies come from registration fees, concession sales and fundraisers throughout the year. We look forward to playing all leagues to include our cross town rivals Palm Bay and the traditionaly strong Raiders.
    Just keep in mind this article is written by a reporter, not a person from West Melbourne. So dont hate on us for someone writing a positve article about us. Remember, the kids read this stuff too.

    Coach Chris AKA Pres

  7. I think the West Melbourne parents have something to do with this success. Our away game last Sat. @ Satellite High shows it. Our Ponies played & we had 5 times the supporters than South Beaches, in the stands. There seemed to be ONLY about 20 players from South Beaches on the team, & only 9 cheerleaders. I mean, come on, the South Beach team lives within, probably 10 miles of the stadium! Where is the parents support? As the current popular expression says “Just Saying”? Signed, Old Poppa of Cody Hall !

  8. William “D” – the younger divisions of our league traditionally have lower numbers as kids are still involved in soccer and other extra activities. We have come a long way with our beachside program, the league continues to grow every year — WM has been in existence for over 50 years….give me a break —parents know exactly what they are getting when they sign up to play for WM. Our league is great — parents are great and so are the kids.

  9. KT, No offence meant what so ever, please. I also forgot that there was THE airshow on the same day. God Bless & Best of Luck (and skill) in the Future!

  10. West Melbourne will always be 1 of the best youth football programs in the state of Florida. so no one should start hating on a program just try to get like them. Good programs just don’t come from good kids it comes from great coaching. every year we want to play with West Melbourne that test our abilities playing scrub teams doesn’t help you learn anything about your team. So who cares if they don’t cut, whatever the case may be you gotta do what you gotta to beat them. as a coach I’ve learned a lot from them, keep it simple and perfect small number of plays. and defend the onside kick Lol. We all are doing this for free and we all are doing this to keep kids off the streets. I’m just mad they got three fields and three score boards lol see ya at the supetbowl I know they will be loaded

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