Ford Endorses Sitton For Property Appraiser

By  //  October 4, 2012

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The Charlie Sitton for Brevard County Property Appraiser campaign has announced that five-term Republican incumbent Jim Ford is supporting Democratic candidate Charlie Sitton in his bid to win the November election.

Democrat Brevard County property appraiser candidate Charlie Sitton has been endorsed by 5-time Republican property appraiser Jim Ford. (Image courtesy Charlie Sitton for Brevard Property Appraiser)

Sitton faces Republican candidate Dana Blickley.

In a statement released by Ford, he cites his reasons for this cross-party endorsements, in part because of “Blickley’s association as a right-wing extremist Republican candidate.”

“Sitton’s professional and management experience in the office is superior to Blickley,” Ford said.

Ford’s official statement is as follows:

“As your property appraiser for 25 years, I am supporting Charlie Sitton to be my successor. Dana Blickley said she would support Charlie Sitton if I won the Republican nomination in the primary election. That is her testament to Charlie Sitton’s qualifications to be your property appraiser. Both Dana Blickley and Charlie Sitton worked for me for 20-plus years. Charlie Sitton managed many more people than Blickley and has the steady even-handed temperament needed to be a fair and conscientious public servant. Charlie holds an American Society of Appraisers, Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation and was trained in the mass appraisal process by the International Association of Assessing Officers. He is a person of integrity and knows how to value property.

“Blickley, on the other hand, was forced to resign or be fired from my office in 2006 due to misconduct. It would be wrong for voters to return her to this office whereby she can take retribution against numerous deputies who revealed and confirmed her inappropriate conduct in an internal investigation. Most of those deputies are terrified of
that possibility. Blickley also made false, reckless accusations and lost a lawsuit that unnecessarily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses to defend the office on behalf of the taxpayers.

Dana Blickley is the Republican candidate for Brevard County property appraiser. (Image courtesy

“Blickley is a member of the right wing Titusville Patriots, a local Tea Party organization and was endorsed by the Tea Party. As such, she should have little general election appeal to mainstream Republican voters and Democrats alike. Her Primary Election victory, with less than a majority of the vote and in the absence of a run-off election,
is certainly no Republican mandate. Some mainstream Republicans, like Charlie Crist have even left the Republican Party to be able to express their intellectual independence and escape a rigid right wing agenda.

“Sitton can be counted on to maintain realistic, accurate property valuations. Blickley has said that current assessed values are too low. Higher valuations would mean higher property taxes.

“Sitton will preserve and protect an office of professionals who are extremely competent and have served you well for many years. In fact, that was my primary motivation for seeking a seventh term of office.

Thank you for your confidence for over 25 years of public service. For those who have supported me, I ask that you trust my endorsement of Charlie Sitton as the best person to lead this office for the next four years.”

In a press release, Sitton said he was happy to have Ford’s endorsement.

“I am honored to have the personal support and public endorsement from a person who has been doing this job for the past 25 years and knows what it takes to be a professional Property Appraiser and a responsible steward for the citizen’s of Brevard,” Sitton said.

Ford’s endorsement comes on the heels of other cross-party endorsements where moderate Republicans or Independents, like former Governor Charlie Crist, are endorsing Democratic candidates because they feel Republican candidates are too far right and have extremist views or opinions.


  1. A moderate Republican believing in the community unlike Voltz and Blickley that run for office “just Because of the pay or because they want to be a career Politian that has no idea of the office” (2008 is an example) and not due to the experience. Go Charlie!!!

    A Dem that believes in conservative values for the office …… any old school Moderate Republican should do proper research! Save Tax payer money and work with the current budget efficiently!

    As a Baptist Republican, I would never want someone in office with the lack of credibility as All of the alligations that I have read about Dana! Think Christian —- do you remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Do your research!!!!

  2. While I personally support Dana, the Brevard Tea Party doesn’t endorse candidates. She was, however, supported by the Liberty Catalyst Fund, a local ECO whose board consists of leaders of the various Tea Party and Patriot groups in the area.

    Up until Needelman took office in the Clerk of Courts two years ago, I considered Ford one of the most corrupt officials in the county. To this day I’ve never understood how Larson was prosecuted for what were so obviously favors doled out by Ford.

    Sitton faced an uphill battle to start with – this endorsement by Ford is the kiss of death and will ensure his fate as another also ran Democrat. I look forward to a thorough house cleaning in that office upon Dana’s election. Ford’s grossly overpaid family members have every reason to be afraid – their days are numbered.

  3. I would have voted for Sitton but once I saw Ford endorsed him, my vote is going to Blickley.

    Ford has proven to be unethical. Whatever he touches I feel is tainted in my mind.

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