Local Artist’s Sculpture Dazzles On Display In Palm Bay

By  //  October 5, 2012

Part Of Program To Foster Local Arts

BREVARD COUNTY • PALM BAY, FLORIDA – The first art sculpture of a new program designed to promote exterior sculptures and public art in Brevard County by the Brevard Cultural Alliance is on display in Palm Bay.

The Knowledge Exchange in Palm Bay displays a sculpture titled “Ocean’s Guardian” by internationally renowned artist and local resident Harak Rubio. (Image courtesy city of Palm Bay)

The Knowledge Exchange at 5151 Babcock Street in Palm Bay is now displaying a sculpture titled “Ocean’s Guardian” by internationally renowned artist and local resident Harak Rubio.

The sculpture is made of steel, stands 10-feet high and was inspired by Rubio’s love for the water.

“A significant part of my designs will have something to do with water,” Rubio said.  “I compare the sea with the social life we live. You put in a little bit of the idea you have and the experiences you have and the rest comes from the heart. I believe this sculpture captures that.”

The “Ocean’s Guardian” sculpture will be on display at the Knowledge Exchange for six months.  In March, the sculpture will be moved to another location and The Knowledge Exchange will acquire a new one.

“What we’re trying to do is bring great pieces of art for the benefit of residents and visitors alike,” said Neil Levine, executive director of the Brevard Cultural Alliance. “The art should be wonderful art that gives people a sense of place. And, it gives people a sense of the opportunities that the county presents.

“There are so many artists here and artists are important to all of us,” Levine said. “It touches every single one of us in every way every day in a positive way.  This is a symbol of that.”

The initiative began when The Knowledge Exchange contacted BCA and expressed interest in having a sculpture installed on the property.

“We wanted to have a sculpture not just to have a sculpture, but to have something that the children can learn from,” said Tim Reynolds of The Knowledge Exchange.  “In addition to the sculpture, inside we have even from the napkin that the artist drew the concept on through how he designed it, how he built it; so the children that are interested in art or interested in sculpture don’t just see the end product, but see the process behind it.”

The program hopes to inspire creativity and community pride and it also offers local artists the opportunity to create, display and promote their work in a public setting.

“We are proud that Palm Bay is the starting point for this program,” said Palm Bay mayor John Mazziotti.  “It’s a positive thing for our community and we hope to see this program succeed.”

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  1. Love it. Baltimore has wonderful sculpture projects done by MICA students…the theme changes every year. This gives both students of sculpture and lovers of mental sculpture a chance to participate in a great and interesting project. One time ot was crabs. go figure, Maryland and crabs…. I attended MICA for metal sculpture. where can one find metal sculpture classes in the Melbourne area???

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