By  //  December 14, 2012


BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Unlimited Innovations, a leading provider of IT solutions and professional services for the healthcare industry, has been selected by Brevard County, Florida-based Medical Practitioners For Affordable Care, Inc. (MPAC), to provide and launch its CERECONS Health IT Solution for MPAC.

UNLIMITED INNOVATIONS, a leading provider of IT solutions and professional services for the healthcare industry, has been selected by Brevard County, Florida-based Medical Practitioners For Affordable Care, Inc. (MPAC), to provide and launch its CERECONS Health IT Solution for MPAC. (CERECONS image)

CERECONS’ robust, feature-rich software solutions will support MPAC, just one of only 10 Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) in Florida selected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to participate in its Medicare Shared Savings Program in 2012.

CERECONS’ innovative cloud-based software will provide MPAC with powerful clinical administrative decision support and population management tools that will enable them to deliver the highest quality, most efficient patient care, while automating administrative tasks and enabling patient access to online appointment scheduling, medical records and medication renewals.


“ACO’s like our MPAC here in Brevard, require robust, state-of-the-art Health Information Technology that helps us manage the complex clinical needs of our patient population” said Brenda Radke, CEO of MPAC and BPN.

“We are excited to be able to integrate Cerecons into our work flow which will empower MPAC and our members with the solutions and tools to manage our member’s patient care and resources, while automating routine work flow and day-to-day functions like claims management, referrals and eligibility.


Smaller, newly-formed ACOs are often faced with a limited amount of capital and the need to quickly ramp up operations to become eligible for payment under the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Many ACO’s will often look automatically to Electronic Medical Records to meet their ACO-required Health IT needs, only to find out that most EMR systems don’t offer the right tools for an ACO startup.

To provide a solution, CERECONS’ has introduced a customized cloud-based platform for smaller ACOs that features a quick, 30-day implementation cycle at a reasonable price point.  The ACO Startup Solution was developed using the same CERECONS cloud-based care coordination platform currently used by major physician groups and leading healthcare organizations.


• All functionality required by CMS for ACO operations including care coordination, population management and patient engagement,

• Chronic care management, in-patient management and financial management tools to manage risk and control costs,

CERECONS empowers medical decision makers to proactively manage quality of care and cost of care through a suite of Clinical Decision Support tools.

• Care coordination and population management functionality to proactively manage patient care throughout the care chain,

• Patient engagement tools to encourage patients to become active participants in the management of their healthcare,

• A private cloud-based solution that reduces impact on staff and eliminates expensive hardware or software purchases,

• ONC-ATCB certification for meaningful use that meets all ACO requirements for interoperability and security.

“Cerecons will save our members valuable time so that MPAC’s physicians and staff are empowered to deliver better care, treatment and services to their patients,” said Radke.

“Our MPAC ACO is an innovative physician and patient-driven integrated care community.  We searched for the best IT partner and technology solution that aligned with our mission and needs and we believe that we have found it in Cerecons .

“Cerecons  was the final choice for us as a Health IT solution as it has an exceptional reputation as a proven ACO platform.  At MPAC, we intend to have a very positive affect on the quality of care our members deliver to their patients.  It was therefore critical that we partner with an IT organization that shares our vision for providing physicians with intuitive care solutions within a fully integrated solution designed to improve the outcomes of the patients our members serve.”


CERECONS is a private cloud-based platform for care coordination and patient engagement that uses community-based Electronic Health Records to deliver Clinical Decision Support at the point-of-care and also gives patients access to their healthcare information.

Medical Practitioners for Affordable Care (MPAC) is an Accountable Care Network comprised of 130+ physicians. The MPAC team of providers is made up of individual ACO practices serving Medicare beneficiaries in communities right across Brevard County, Florida.

After more than a decade of experience with greater than 4,000 primary care physicians, 10,000 specialists, 69 risk-bearing entities currently under contract, as well as 1.5 million patients, CERECONS’ innovative Health IT solutions and data integration capabilities are used by leading medical groups and healthcare organizations including Health Plans, MSOs, IPAs, Hospital Networks, ACOs and Self- Funded Employer Groups.

For more information about MPAC or BPN contact Cindy Hambidge, Manager of Provider Relations at 321-757-7600 – ext. 108.