Union Equity Inc. Relocates To Melbourne

By  //  December 2, 2012

Centralizes Operations Inside Subsidiary's Facility

BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – Union Equity, Inc. has moved its entire staff to an 18,000-square-foot facility in Melbourne.

Union Equity Inc. has relocated from Orlando to Melbourne. (Shutterstock image)

The company says it decided to relocate from Orlando to its subsidiary Natural Product Laboratories location at 390 N. Wickham Road in Melbourne.

Union Equity, Inc.’s management says it chose to move its staff in order to cut back on extra lease payments and costs as well as give its administrative staff optimal work space to perform duties.

The 18,000 square foot facility will now be fully used and allow Union Equity to proceed with plans to grow its staff and operations.

Union Equity, Inc. is a holding company that is made up of four subsidiaries (Natural Product Laboratories LLC, Only Natural, Inc., Easy Semi Truck Leasing America LLC, and Union Equity Investments, Inc.) that cover a vast business spectrum.

The Natural Product Laboratories and production facility is FDA regulated and certified as well as Green Seal-approved to produce the highest quality skin-care, personal care, hair, pet, baby and sunscreen products.

It specializes in formalizing new product lines as well as reverse engineering for existing products.

The staff includes a licensed chemist and certified microbiologist, with more than 25 years of combined experience.

For more information, please visit  http://www.unionequityinc.info./index.php.