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Former Chief Lifeguard Continues To Make Impact

Wyatt Werneth’s career path is rich and diverse. In his life, Werneth has been a fisherman, U.S. Navy diver, dockmaster, salvager, firefighter, a U.S. Coast Guard petty officer, Ocean Rescue Chief for Brevard County Fire Rescue, event organizer, and a security specialist fighting terrorism around the world. (Image courtesy of Wyatt Werneth)

BREVARD COUNTY • COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA – Wyatt Werneth is the  quintessential 21st century man, having done more in his lifetime than many could ever dream of accomplishing.

Werneth, 46, is experienced, fit and possesses the technical know-how to handle any task put before him.

He’s weathered the ups and downs of life and believes the adversity of the challenges of life has made him a stronger person and more equipped to make a positive impact upon the lives of those he encounters.

Cocoa Beach is his home, but Werneth is equally comfortable on both the high seas and on dry land.

Wyatt Werneth formerly served as a Cocoa Beach firefighter. (Image courtesy of Wyatt Werneth)

Ready State Of Fitness

His career path is rich and diverse. In his life, Werneth has been a fisherman, U.S. Navy diver, dock master, salvager, firefighter, a U.S. Coast Guard petty officer, Ocean Rescue Chief for Brevard County Fire Rescue, event organizer, and a security specialist fighting terrorism around the world.

“I consider myself in a ready state of fitness. I train daily and stay conditioned just in case, survival of the fit,” Werneth said. “I do a variety of exercises that include strength and cardio. My fitness hangouts are Cocoa Beach Crossfit, Taylor Made Bodies in Cocoa Beach and Beachside Health Studio in Indialantic.”

In addition, he also does stand-up paddleboarding, runs, swims, and surfs.

“I eat right, get good sleep and drink lots of water,” Werneth said.

His paddleboarding records are the stuff of legends.

“I have a Guinness World Record for prone paddleboarding more than 345 miles from Miami to Jacksonville in 2007,” he said. “I made that journey to raise awareness for beach safety. In 2007, Brevard County was identified as Forbes Magazine’s most dangerous beach.

“We had 10 drowning fatalities that year because Brevard did not have adequate protection on the beach. Brevard had only part-time seasonal lifeguards,” Werneth said. “Brevard now has full-time lifeguard protection because of my quest to provide better protection to those who visit the beach. I paddled for therapy after pulling all those souls from the surf.”

Wyatt Werneth is shown during training as a security specialist fighting terrorism around the world. (image courtesy of Wyatt Werneth)

National Security Missions

Retiring as Brevard’s chief lifeguard in 2008, it didn’t take long for other opportunities to present themselves to Werneth.

“I have a tactical background from serving in the Navy and the Coast Guard,” he said. “I was selected to be part of a group of tactical military trained guys around the world who are providers of integrated security and mission support carrying out and enabling national security missions globally in support of the U.S. government’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program.”

The position has taken him all over the Middle East, to Afghanistan and to Columbia.

“I have worked alongside the Navy, Marines and DOD/DOS departments,” he said.

That job has not come without some tense moments.

“Getting blown out of my rack from indirect fire in Iraq was pretty scary,” Werneth said. “It was resolved when I was able to get the hell out of there. You can’t predict where they will land, you see. The insurgents would launch old munitions and they traveled wildly through the air and no telling where they would land. They once shot over 40 at us one night. I say support our troops.”

Steve Ryland

When not flying off for clandestine mission in remote parts of the world, Werneth enjoys an association with local health and fitness experts.

“I am proud to be working with the finest group of professionals in health and fitness with Steve Ryland at his Beachside Health Studio in Indialantic,” he said. “I have been organizing events like Step Up Brevard, which will be held at Space Cast Stadium in conjunction with the Spring Fest in April.

“This job is really fun and I get to share my passion for fitness like never before. It has provided me with the opportunity to develop a new fitness facility like nothing before being done in the world,” Werneth said. “We call it Tactical Human Obstacle Readiness, or THOR for short. It will be part military obstacle racing, boot-camp style workouts and mission-based team building events.’

Wyatt Werneth takes physical fitrness seriously and has competed in
the Space Coast Bodybuilding Championships. (Image courtesy of Wyatt Werneth)

No Fear Of The Unknown

Listing role models for Werneth, who grew up on the Gulf Coast with a fisherman father and constantly around the water, is simple.

“Cocoa Beach’s Ted Taylor, Mr. World, has been a fitness mentor to me,” he said. “I like to think old school and recognize I studied as an apprentice to Ted in personal training. I also appreciate guys like Captain Cook and other great adventurers who took on the world with no fear of the unknown.”

Of everything he has done, Werneth said he believes he made the greatest difference through one job.

“We all know I loved lifeguarding. I feel I made an impact on others’ lives that I rescued over the years,” he said. “There are three major rescues that I have been a part of that the guys were dead and I performed CPR after pulling them out of the water and they are alive today. I feel if I had a purpose that job was it.”

At home with his wife and beloved workout partner, Pamela, and their daughter, Saylor, Werneth said he enjoys life and has no regrets.

“I am blessed that I have such a strong wonderful family and close circle of friends and supporters,” he said. “My life has had its low points and I have grown stronger in the face of adversity. The future is bright and I feel we all need to embrace life to its fullest by staying healthy.”

He said his top tip for those wanting to get in shape is simple.

“Find time to work out or you will have to make time for illness and injuries,” Werneth said. “I like to say don’t run to it, run through it. Practice and pass down good living habits to our children.”


Beachside Physical Therapy Health Studio will present “Step Up Brevard” on Sunday, April 21 as part of the 2013 Spring Fest. Participants will walk the steps of Space Coast Stadium to benefit local charity.

“We are very pleased to be able to present Step Up Brevard to encourage active and healthy living and to help local charities,” said Wyatt Werneth, event director for Beachside Physical Therapy & Health Studio – which has  six convenient health studio locations for health improvement and physical therapy in Brevard County.

For information call 321-323-4460 or e-mail MaverickMultimedia@gmail.com


  1. This is one of the most awesome guys I have ever known, he has given to anyone who ever knew him inspiration! I am impressed with his ability to achieve his goals!

  2. Thanks to all my friends,family and supporters. Special thanks to Giles Malone and Space Coast Daily who had enough faith in me to write this story.

  3. Wyatt Werneth is my brother in law and he has excelled beyond belief! Hid brother is elated at his ability that he has succeded well. Great family man!

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