Crisafulli Joins Florida State House in Vote Against Internet Cafes

By  //  March 24, 2013

Florida Legislative Session Week 3 Recap

LEON COUNTY  TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA  – Florida House Representative Steve Crisafulli (R-Merritt Island) joined 107 fellow representatives who voted to ban electronic gaming devices in the state.

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Florida House Bill 155 was approved  by a 108-7 margin and came one week after Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll resigned in the midst of an investigation into her connection with an embezzlement scheme by Allied Veterans Cafes. 

“I supported this bill because Internet cafes are operating outside the scope of Florida law by offering illegal gambling opportunities, and these establishments have been a cause for concern in communities across our state” – Rep. Steve Crisafulli said.

Details of House Bill 155

  • Prohibits patrons from accumulating points
  • Limits cash prizes to 75 cents per game.
  • Exempts Dave & Buster’s, Chuck E. Cheese’s and games used at children’s arcades

House Bill 7011 – Florida Retirement System

All state employees will be moved into a 401k-style defined contribution plan. This bill is designed to reduce the rising cost of pension plans for state employees.

“I voted in favor of HB 7011 as it will offer future employees a meaningful retirement benefit they control, while also providing savings for Florida’s taxpayers and financial certainty for our state at the same time.” -Rep. Steve Crisafulli said.

Details of House Bill 7011

  • Provides that certain participants in optional retirement program for State University System have choice between optional retirement program & FRS Investment Plan;
  • Requires SBA to develop investment products to be offered in investment plan & provide self-directed brokerage account as investment option.
  • Requires state board to contract with provider to provide self-directed brokerage account investment option.
  • Provides self-directed brokerage account requirements.
  • Deletes obligation of system employers to communicate existence of both retirement plans; provides additional death benefit to specified members of the Special Risk Class.
  • Limits disability benefits to eligible members.
  • Adjusts required employer contribution rates for unfunded actuarial liability of FRS for select classes.
  • Provides that act fulfills important state interest; requires SBA & DMS to request determination letter from IRS.

House Bill 7065 – Everglades Improvement and Management

With unanimous approval, House Bill 7065 amends the Everglades Forever Act to help move the final phase of Everglades restoration forward.

Details of House Bill 7065

  • Revises legislative findings for achieving water quality goals;
  • Revises definition of term “Long-Term Plan”;
  • Directs SFWMD to complete specified analysis;
  • Revises provisions for collection of agricultural privilege tax