Hope4Heroes.org: They Defended Us, Now It’s Our Turn

By  //  March 7, 2013

Hope4Heroes was founded in 2009 by Veterans to support Veterans and families in the following program areas for 2012: Awareness events in local communities, Scholarships for kids and spouses of fallen and wounded heroes, Jobs and small business training programs for veterans and families, and partner relationships with companies hiring veterans and families or franchise a business programs empowering our veterans and families. 2012 is the year of jobs and education for veterans and families of all generations.

Our legends events raise awareness in communities!

Jobs4heroes: This is our 2013 core focus, touring the country with MLB and NFL legends to raise funds and awareness for our nations combat heroes andtheir families. We will also partner veteran mentors with companies and veterans via the www.woundedheroesbaseball.com and www.heroesandlegendssports.com tours.

“Changing lives, empowering veterans, supporting communities”