MacMurray College In Town For Spring Training

By  //  March 13, 2013


The softball team of MacMurray College of Jacksonville, Ill. is now in town for spring training on the Space Coast. (Image for Space Coast

THE SPACE COAST, USA – The MacMurray College softball team of Jacksonville, Ill. is enjoying the great weather and amenities on the Space Coast.

Over the next six weeks, Brevard Productions, East Central Florida’s premier sports management and special events company, will bring in more than 4,000 college and high school athletes from all over the U.S. who will be staying for up to a week as part of Brevard Production’s Spring Training – pumping millions of dollars into the local economy.

Giles Malone

“Including players, coaches and family members, MacMurray has over 50 people enjoying the great weather and amenities on the Space Coast,” said Director Giles Malone.

“From the beautiful softball complex at the Chain of Lakes Park, to the welcoming hospitality of our hotels and restaurants, MacMurray College’s players, coaches and parents are sure to have a memorable spring training.”

Career-Directed Education

MacMurray College is proud of their quality, career-directed education – relevant now and in the future.

At MacMurray College, you will find strong academic programs in numerous programs. Along with preparing students for a profession, all MacMurray students benefit from a strong, general education designed to enhance important skills for life and personal success: critical thinking, effective communication, and an understanding of the pivotal ideas and ethical insights that have shaped the human experience.

Of no less importance, MacMurray College students are challenged to apply what they have learned to contemporary, real-world problems.