Florida’s Medical Marijuana Bill Gains Support of Major Law Firm Founder

By  //  March 19, 2013

One of the most controversial bills in the 2013 Florida Legislative session gained a major advocate, as Orlando-based attorney John Morgan joined a statewide campaign in support of medical marijuana.

Morgan’s support was announced by Kim Russell, the founder and vice president of “People United for Medical Marijuana.”

Morgan is no stranger to Florida politics. In 2012, he joined forced with NBA star Vince Carter to host a $30,000 per plate fundraising dinner for President Obama. Morgan’s staff of attorneys includes former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

Here are some of the details within the 133 page Florida Senate Bill 1250, also known as the “Bill Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act”

  • Would allpw certain qualifying medical conditions, or their officially designated caregivers, to privately possess up to four ounces of marijuana and grow up to eight marijuana plants.
  • People with previous drug felonies aren’t going to be allowed in the industry.
  • Florida Department of Health would oversee the confidential patient registry.
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation would oversee legal dispensaries.
  • A THC limit would be enforced for driving, which would be determined by a hair sample: Only 10 picograms for every 10 milligrams of hair.

What’s your take on this proposed legislation? Do you think Florida should allow medical marijuana?


  1. I think it should as it would help people who are ill and also create more jobs! especially if there will be grow houses and dispensaries in Florida.

  2. Legalize Medical Marijuana now. Many ill people need it to survive and just make it through the day. I have arthritis and other miladies that can be helped by Medical Marijuana, It can also help so many people who have Cancers to survive and even get better.

  3. this should have been done years ago, the war on drugs is a waste of time and this will free up law inforcement to other areas of crime.

  4. I have Stage 3 Breast Cancer and the nausea meds are not effective and worse yet cause more side effects. Legalize the people’s medicine. Our country is backwards and is trying to twist the truth about a the real helpful contributions of this wonderful plant. No wonder why kids turn to hard drugs because they say “the law is against pot and pot is good”. So they assume every law is wrong and rebel. Without the truth in our legal system there Is No Justice. Let’s get this country back to a better place and teach the youth of the effects of all drugs to steer them. I would like to know about the piece of legislature where the hair test will be performed. Does anyone know what kind of amount that is and what it equates to? What will happen if the THC level is greater than what measures they have established for this bill. What about people who drink too much and ruin their liver and mind and are violet because they are afraid to smoke pot because their job does drug testing?? Where’s the Freedom in America? Watch this video of a song I wrote and sang and performed about Freedom in America http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swuj6MDDcC4 in Daytona Beach. (Forward 25 seconds to start video). Silence like a cancer grows so let’s all show our support of something that should have been in place many years ago.

  5. Yes, I do believe this is a ‘now” issue and the timing is perfect. Way to go John Morgan & his “Angels”…sign me up!!!

  6. This will only pass (this time around) if people are willing to sign the petition so that it can even be put on the ballot for a vote!! They need 676,811 verified signatures by 2/1/2014. Right now they only have just over 31,000. I think it is going to be a repeat of last time. People are too scared to put their name on a list these days to challenge ANY laws. Even flawed prohibitions. I challenge everyone to prove me wrong though! If you are a registered voter and you understand the benefits of passing a bill like this, you should do your part in getting it passed. Here is their site: http://www.pufmm.org. Go to it!!

  7. I have chronic back pain for years and I would love to get my narcotic pain meds reduced by using marijiuana for pain. I have researched this and have found countless people who have had major relief of pain from this drug. It should be legal for all.

  8. I’m a caregiver in Michigan, I think the best solution would be to just go the way of Washington and Colorado and make it legal for recreational use, That way patients could still get the medications they need.
    In MI, legal caregivers are still victims of armed robbery and harassment by law enforcement. They come in the middle of the night, destroy your plants and lights take your TV and anything else they want and your car and your suppose to be grateful that they didn’t arrest you. Judges are not allowing signed Doctors documents to be submitted as evidence. Its just a big legal mess even though the the bill was implemented in 2008.
    I’ve used cannabis for 45 years now and I don’t know of anyone who has ever been harmed by it, other than by law enforcement. If you study the facts on how the feds made it illegal in the first place, you’ll find that it was all based on lies.

  9. I think pot should be 100% legal. If it were up to me TABACCO would be illegal. My mom is NEEDS this. It would help save her life. But because Florida has to be an ass my mother has to die. She nor anyone elses lives matter 1 bit to them. Our states economy dosent matter either and yet they want to bitch and cry about those on food stamps and who cant find work. Help put the dam Mexican cartel out of business and grow our own!

  10. Yes I think it should be legal. I myself suffer from Trigeminal Neualgia, And even wit the Meds I’m taking I am still in a lot of pain that medical Merijana could help relieve. TM is a nerve related problem that is also reffered to as the suicide desease, and I can well understand why. It efects the whole left side of my head and neck that will even cause the muscles to cramp even causse charlie horses, facial distortions to where people thin I have had or am having a stroke, and the muscles in my neck will make it feel like I’m being choked to the point that I can not speak or breath. The meds I take (most for 10 yrs or more), are having a negative affect on my body. I sure hope this bill becomes law so that I and others may find some relief.

  11. I have Glaucoma, doctors say there is no pain associated with this condition, the pain is not on the eye it is behind the eye, its like a drum beat, the constant throbbing. It makes my vision blurry, I wear glasses and cannot see without them. As everything is a blur. I have used canibus before, it cleared my vision, to a point that I can see better, to perform the various things that only the eye can perform, as I like to draw and read and sew. I also have hand tremors also stopping me from drawing and sewing, the two likes of my life, the shaking I have all the time, sometimes without any warning, my hands will drop things, or my arms will strike without warning, knocking something near me, causing it to fall and break. As I said before I have used canibus, and the joy it brought me, as the tremors are not as strong and the pain in my eyes cease. The canibus was given to me. I do not have the money to buy this canibus, nor do I have the money for the eyedrops that I need for Glaucoma. I use regular eyedrops for dry eyes. Hoping that I do not go blind as that is the alternative to Glaucoma, when the lens smacks up against my eye causing permant blindness.

  12. After returning from CA to home in Florida and having been a LEGAL CA pot smoker I am outraged and disappointed in our home state for being so slow to adopt a compassionate use law.

    The Governor will look like a fool in hindsight for having been so slow to legalize this.

    I am a terminal illness survivor and can not take pills , I do not drink and my only significant relief comes from Ice packs or pot when I can get it and afford too. The banning of this MEDICINE is the real crime and travesty here in Florida.
    It also is responsible for MANY Floridians despising the police and that is another travesty, but so is the often ignorant and gestapo like behavior !

    The only place California went wrong in legalizing it is the dispensary format, instead it should have been related to 3 places ( In my opinion.)

    The drug stores where most people already pick up medicine.
    Genuine Health food stores.
    Home gardens, with a PLOT SIZE , example a 50 x 50 foot garden with a posted patient ID that is safely enclosed by a minimal fencing.

    There is no honest reason to deny the ill of any medicine or to outlaw ANY natural plant, PERIOD.

    Grow up and cat5ch up Florida you are currently an EMBARRASSMENT to America.

  13. I have been legally blind since birth and have a degenertive eye disease which causes me alot of pain….I wish they would legalize it because it is the only thing that ever helped me but I can’t get it because it’s against the law….do you really think that all the big drug companies would want pot legal? it would put them out of business…it’s not about what helps people in this country it’s about PROFIT…once the govt figures out a way to make a PROFIT with it, you will see it legal…if they can get past the lobbyists for the big drug companies!!!

  14. I agree legalize marijuana. It does more good than it does harm , it is also good for all types of medical conditions.

  15. I have a lot of issues with my body. I have ra fibro seizures scholiosis panic and anxiety disorders. I’m also bipolar 1 disorder. I have constant deep tissue spasms. I could really use the help. The only medicine that I could take is narcotics and I won’t take them. So I suffer every day every night. My migraines are so bad I can’t even go out the only way my body feels a little relief is by laying down in bed all day I don’t have a life because of my pain. What am I supposed to do take the pharmacy of meds? All I would have to do is one treatment to help. But I can’t because it is illegal in Florida. I am on full disability because of all of these things. What I do suffer I’m 37yrs old I have a whole life to live. Pass the bill I want to go to the movies and go fishing again or just go camping with my husband. Or even make love to him without all the pain. I can’t deal with this pain every day. It sucks. I would love for these people who are saying no to feel half the pain I do. They then would change their minds. I don’t think laying in the bottom of the shower crying cause they couldn’t keep anything down cause the pain is so bad. I implore them to try just for an hour.

  16. Cowards, that is out government. First with peoples legally Dr. prescribed prescriptions. My father in law has a broken back . He has been taking oxy for many years now. He hates pills but is afraid to smoke pot because he does not want any trouble or wind up going to jail. The meds are so expensive. Each pill is now $10.50 multiple that by 112 and you see what I mean. That’s what I call price gouging. Where is the government to stop this. Good marijuana would help eliminate his pain. If this bill would pass, the government could tax it to help the economy. It would help decrease the amount of people addicted to pills and marijuana is not nearly as bad for your body. The police could stop real crime instead of wasting their time and our tax money on simple marijuana use. Open up jail cells for people who needed them not your simple farmer our smoker. Open your eyes and your heart. Lets get this act of compassion legal. The war on marijuana is a complete failure. Lets take a stand and get this done. The time is now. What ever happened to government by the people for the people. Sign the petition, no one should have to suffer any more.

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