State Democrats Introduce Bills Prohibiting Use of Guns For Self Defense

By  //  March 10, 2013

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(ABOVE VIDEO: newsserviceflorida)

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA – Two state Democrats have introduced a series bills to repeal Florida’s “Stand your ground” law by forbidding the use of a firearm in self defense.

Two state Democrats have introduced a series bills to repeal Florida’s “Stand your ground” law by forbidding the use of a firearm in self defense.

Bill 622

State Senator Dwight Bullard’s Senate Bill 622 repeals “provisions relating to home protection and the use of deadly force, which created a presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm in certain circumstances and provided that there is no duty to retreat and a person has the right to stand one’s ground and meet force with force in certain circumstances, etc.”

Bill 362

Senate Bill 362, also sponsored by Bullard, says a victim may not use deadly force on an attacker unless the attacker makes an “overt, violent gesture.” Bullard’s district includes southern areas of Florida, including Collier and Miami-Dade.

Bill 331

State Rep. Bruce Antone (Orlando) sponsored House Bill 331, which removes authority of a person to use deadly force in defense of property;requires, rather than authorizes, law enforcement agency to investigate use of force; deletes provision that prohibits law enforcement agency from arresting person for using force; authorizes, rather than requires, court to award attorney fees & other expenses to defendant who used force; deletes provisions that make justifiable use of force available to aggressor who initially provokes use of force; provides additional circumstances in which justifiable use of force is not available; directs FDLE to collect data on incidents concerning alleged justifiable use of force; requires law enforcement agencies to report incidents & cases in which justifiable use of force claimed.”

Rep. Antone’s district covers central Florida, including parts of Orlando.

Do you think Florida’s gun laws should be repealed? Share your thoughts in the comment section, below.


  • Bill Weiler Sounds like a few Democrats should be repealed.
  • Lisa Burke-Eddib I stand my ground…..leave it alone.
    Sunday at 10:18pm via mobile · Like · 6
  • John Kachenmeister And their plan is… “Run and hide, and hope that the bad man kills your friends and family instead of you?”
  • Rachel Ciccateri Consider the fact that someone could possibly manipulate a situation to make themselves look the victim. You’re dead and the prosecution is struggling to prosecute. Self defense is one thing and delusions are another. Like to see a reporting system in place for concealed weapons permits similar to the one for drivers licenses. We see the crazies coming just not much you can do until it’s too late.
  • Kay Hartman leave it alone!!
  • Stan Gilbert You don’t have to repeal the law to fix it, home owners deserve the right to defend themselves against intruders, people out walking these citizens patrols in neighborhoods shouldn’t be allowed to use and abuse the law as George Zimmerman did and they certainly shouldn’t be armed while doing it, that’s what the police is far. Shouldn’t punish everyone because a few people take advantage of the law to feel important.
  • Steve Huston Anyone who supports this should be voted out of office.
  • Ed Askew I stand with 2 middle fingers up and a gun at my side wearing a shirt that says I DARE YOU…
  • John Fultz Well good luck getting re-elected.
  • Monday at 2:45am via mobile · Like · 3
  • Fred Merrill NO ! NO ! NO ! Don’t open that door. If someone abuses this Law, deal with them, leave us alone to defend our families and property. The Police show up, AFTER the crime has been comitted. A little bit late if your the VICTIM !
  • Kimberly Meyer Curran It won’t pass
    Monday at 3:30am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Steve Zlotnik Why does he need those big intimidating dudes in the suites one size to small? Leave it alone and have more fathers at home with jobs!
    Monday at 4:19am via mobile · Like · 3
  • Monday at 4:25am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Kenneth Johnson Keep the Law
  • Keith Hoak BTW Stan, George Zimmerman was attacked by a thug criminal an defended himself. If that scumbag had not attacked him from behind, GZ would not have needed to shoot. If GZ had not shot, the criminal tm would have gotten the gun and killed him and you and the press would have forgotten all bout it after a week.
    Monday at 5:34am via mobile · Like · 4
  • Junior Rivera I’ll stand my ground 100%
    Monday at 5:37am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Paul Diamond stand my ground 100% I agree if T martin didnt attack just went home or said something the issue wouldnt be an issue Zimmerman broke no laws
  • Helen M. Mull This law is very much needed. All this because of some punk hood who can’t stay out of trouble in school or on the street. Nothing but lies causing all this!
    Monday at 6:47am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Lindsy Messing-Hitchens Is there anything the Demonrats don’t want to take from us? It seems freedom of speech, due process, wages, the freedom of religion, our right to defend our homes and children, and even our light bulbs aren’t enough…
    Monday at 7:24am via mobile · Like · 6
  • Kathy Frenzel-Hile vote the ignorant dems out of office
    Monday at 7:56am via mobile · Like · 5
  • Jason Moyer Leave it alone. we should nof be forced to retreat
    Monday at 8:19am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Billie Nichols REPEAL it!!!!!!!
  • Brian Wilkins You shouldn’t have a duty to retreat
    Monday at 9:08am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Gail M. Murphy Repeal it. Stop being the redneck laughing stock of America- oh wait, it’s Florida.. never mind.
  • Angela Vinson Preston What on earth has happened to ALL of you Democrats? “Stand your ground” laws should not be changed! It amazes me how all of you representatives jump on the band wagon of nothing else to do but continually try to stir up meaningless garbage! First you have the democrat who wants law abiding citizens to take anger management courses prior to purchasing ammo and now the 2 of you are wanting to change the laws completely! You dear Sirs will have be fought on these proposed changes as you are making changes in the highest crime areas! So you don’t want us to stand our ground while an intruder is in our home taking whatever they please and not knowing if they intend on terminating the “witness”? I have never seen so much stupidity in our current government. On what grounds I ask do you have for making these changes?
    Monday at 9:50am via mobile · Like · 3
  • Angela Vinson Preston Should have proof read my comment first but I see only one error! So today my letters will be going out to my representatives on this ridiculous subject! I think the folks currently in position need to take classes to rid their stupidity!
    Monday at 9:55am via mobile · Like · 1
  • John O’Neill Doesn’t need to be repealed, but the vagueness of it needs to be addressed so that if someone picks a fight with me he can’t shoot me when he starts losing the fight.
    Monday at 10:43am via mobile · Like · 2
  • Larry Champion Do all legislators take a special class in stupidity?
  • Richard Gross I would never want to harm anyone, but there are those who would not hesitste one second to hurt or kill an innocent person or there family for a few dollars. It happens everyday. And most of the people complaining about fire arms probably own one or have their own security for life,( Senators and ect.)
  • Angela Vinson Preston @Richard Gross….you are absolutely right!! The laws they try to impose obviously do not apply to them and I will fight these ridiculous bills, that includes the one that State Sen. Audrey Gibson is trying to pass regarding taking anger management classes before purchasing ammo!!! Are you kidding me? Where do they justify wasting tax payers dollars on such nonsense? Did they tell this to the criminals on the streets who get their weapons and ammo illegally? Maybe they should concentrate on the school system, the economy, the roads, the homeless in lieu of this!
  • Joe Wichart Sr. I think they are smoking some “wacky weed” again….God help us when we can’t protect ourselves or our property any more…..
  • Angela Vinson Preston @Gail Murphy…if you don’t like Florida move to Illinois or California. Your insults to Florida are very childish. Which reminds me the entire country is the laughing stock of every other country at the moment so I guess it doesn’t matter what state you move to. Florida born, raised and very proud of it! Just ashamed of some of the folks we have representing this beautiful State!
    Monday at 1:08pm via mobile · Like · 4
  • Tyler Pierce Another reason to disarm people and turn them into helpless victims.
    Monday at 2:56pm via mobile · Like · 2
  • Jason Lancaster The democrats are a bunch of idiots that is all I have to say
    Monday at 3:06pm via mobile · Like · 2
  • Wally Bass This is plain dumb. How many law abiding citizens who are carrying firearms do you see shooting someone. No , it’s the bad guys doing the shooting. So the lawmakers want to make it so we can’t protect ourselves. Speak up people
    Monday at 3:35pm via mobile · Like · 7
  • Wally Bass Look at them. Their both black. What would you expect
    Monday at 3:42pm via mobile · Like · 1
  • Harry Mack They should focus on what they we appointed to do like: Balance the budget, Quit supporting overseas dictators that hate the US including the Economic War we are losing with China; Reform the tax code and add tariffs to goods from China to help create jobs HERE. All these treasonous actions to undo the Constitution and Bill of Rights are outrageous. Masters of distraction are working to hide the evil that is sweeping our country from the inside-out. The powers-that-be must have really got scared that people would get together and legalize pot so they are really coming at us hard now before we legalize common-sense! Every day we hear the latest crazy idea they “are gonna do” Give Us a Break…
  • BamaGirl ForLife Just like a democrat!! What a crock of crap!
  • Greg Burdett Any individual who is in fear of their life is allowed to defend himself or herself. Stand your Ground!
    Monday at 5:29pm via mobile · Like · 2
  • Jason Torres I will defend my life with reasonable force. Law be damned. If you are trying to kill me I’m going to do everything in my power to kill you first.
    Monday at 5:42pm via mobile · Like · 3
  • Edward Harrison Next they will take away all your rights.
  • Billy M. Rhodes Another reason not to support Democrats for reelection.
  • CaptDon Walker The low wage, poor in the “Banana Republic” don’t want to lose their only feel’n of power. i gots maa guunnnn.
  • Linda Daniels Keep the law.
  • Andy Weiss Progressive/Liberal/Communist/Socialist/Democrat call them what you want, they all hate freedom and individual liberty.
  • William S. Gade I agree with the 2nd and 3rd amendment.
  • Jeff Deinlein Stand your ground.Check!
  • Craig Masters Let’s repeal Democrats instead!
  • Tom Littleton Stand your ground works (in most cases,trevon excepted) so don’t mess with what works.
  • James Velten Another couple of moronic democrats that need to go, here in FL.
  • Eric Johnson Trayvon’s death wasn’t “SYG” in effect! It was simple self defense! When are people gonna stop blaming this law? If GZ is telling the truth and he was knocked to the ground and pummeled then the option to flee was taken away from him! If he picked a fistfight with someone bigger than him while carrying a gun like so many people want to believe he did then he is the biggest idiot in the world! Trayvon might have been standing his ground but if he initiated physical contact then he was a criminal commiting assault and no longer innocent!
  • Jody Fryer Stupidity in action, and pandering to the raciIST groups.
  • Paul T. Mack Get the democrats out of Florida they can go to Cali! We want our guns and freedom and stand your ground law. If George was standing his ground and I think he was so be it. If George was black there would have been nothing said about the whole thing.
    23 hours ago via mobile · Like · 7
  • Scott Fee I have about had it with democrats. I think they are out to transform this nation into something unrecognizable to our forefathers
    22 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
  • Walter Anderson OH hell no we fought to hard for that when I lived in Fl.
    22 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Slick Camden nothing suprises me under obummer
    22 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Carol Longmuir Of course the dems want to repeal it. How else is Obama going to stage war on American citizens???
    20 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Timmy Kobayashi Great! Ive had enough of People shooting shoplifters in Walmart parking lots, and others accidentally killing Family members.
  • Richard Carter Timmy Kobayashi. the accual number of ppl that were shot in there own homes last yr by accident was 12 and mostly it was children playing with moms gun from her purse. as to the walmart shooting no one was hurt except the back of the getaway car. as it tryed to run over passerbys…. once again the main street news and back to hollywood reporting has every aspect of te story wrong
    19 hours ago · Like · 3
  • Harlan Brown This isn’t anything more than taking away another right to defend ones self….Everyone has a different level of fear, that you cant legsilate! The bottomline for me is, is Trayvon acts in a polite way, he goes on his merry way! No one likes authority when its knocking at our door, but if it does MOST of us bite our lip, and respond with a Yes sir, or Yes Ma’am
    16 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Salguod Henkle Pay attention folks, these dumbass democats are at it again… Vote these dipsticks out of office.
    15 hours ago · Like · 5
  • Harry McCarsky Lets face it Obama will soon be king Obama! Enjoy all the king Obama free stuff!
    15 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3
  • Bill Riddle The democrats have learned one thing from history, it is easier to murder unarmed citizens than trying to kill armed citizens. The 20th century is a perfect example of genocidal governments murdering unarmed citizens, from Stalin, to Hitler, to Hussein, to Pol Pot etc., millions of innocent unarmed citizens were murdered under their rule. This seems to be the agenda of the democratic party as well.
    14 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Johnny Beach bruce antone is just another ” pu**y demoncrat ” commie, kissin the jiveass commie HNIC’s ass
  • Travis Hirsche This is very sickening. How dare you try to take away my right to defend my family and property. I also think its pretty funny that these two idiots come from districts with high crime rates. So you want the people who voted you in to be defenseless against criminals? You two gents are sorry excuses for representatives.
    13 hours ago · Like · 3
  • Chase Plumley Lets make it easier for the criminals to do what they want. I’m so confused at the direction this country is going our maybe disappointed would be a better word.
    11 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
  • Marcus Aurelius Mueller Well yea, look at them, they don’t want their constituents, who are doing all the crimes, getting injured!
    10 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Joe Thomas This is terrible news …… guess if it passes, we will have to shoot democrats instead.
    10 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Russell Wells Pass whatever law you want. I will still defend myself, my family, and my property with firearms. I will also defend myself from anyone who tries to arrest me for it as well. No government will tell me how to defend myself.
    8 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3
  • Harry O’Connor no way my house is protected by numerous names ,if you are dumb enough to break into my house say your prayers cause i wont until i have an empty mag.
  • Ricky Buell This is beyond stupid. All the gun control ideas, are only showing me how they plan to confiscate guns from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. Not the CRIMINALS who kill those law abiding citizens. First I have to be a tax slave for people who don’t do shit but vote for a living, now I have to be in danger of not being able to bear arms? Spare me the bullshit.
    3 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Mike Doherty Bill riddle you are a colossal schmuck! do you seriously believe our government wants to kill us? time for you’re MEDS! Republicans are becoming just as extreme as the terrorist they claim are secretly running our country! Get a fucking grip! whack jobs! they need to redefine the law but not abolish it.
    Btw stand you’re ground does not apply when you confront someone in public pretending to be an authority figure. You’re just some creep stalking a teenager with a loaded gun. Which also means you’re either Stupid or a fucking lunatic! Looking for trouble.
    3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
  • Steven R. Penny Don’t change the Law !!!
    3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
  • Harley Ridder THEN only the crooks will have gun’s
  • Rob Vaughn Reason number 823739493736373 why democrats are fucking idiots
    3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • Gretchen Youhas They shouldn’t have the right to stop you from protecting your home or yourself – that’s what a carry permit is for
  • James Tomberlin Democrats! If you choose not to defends yourselves that is your right. Please exercise it. Just leave the rest of us the hell alone. That is all we ask.
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Hank Folsom so you actually think people are going to obey this…hmm….are you half retarded or just fully mentally disabled. I stand my ground with my “properties” and “possessions” if I feel like my life is in danger then yours will be to in less than 0.6 seconds.
    3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
  • Dokpkj Nonya F that. Anyone who’s actually read the law knows it’s a good law. These democrats are vile, politicking creatures.
    2 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1
  • Dokpkj Nonya We all know what sector of society dems represent. The people who victimize the law abiding be it through drug sales, burglary, violence or general ass backwards counter culture. The left offers nothing to the well being of our society.
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Clay Selfridge SYG is the stupidest law and a license to kill as long as no witnesses are around no matter the real circumstance. oh Hank you talk loudly with your threats of killing people. how absurd your life must be to think any possesion is worth a life. SMH
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Miriam Wolf McCue No . Keep it. It will put law abiding citizens in danger
  • Clay Selfridge Ummm Dokpkj I can tell by your remark that you have no clue as to the ambiguity of the words in the law, please educate yourself to the “castle doctrine” then educate yourself to the amount of cash the NRA bestowed upon jeb and the Republican Florida legislature, whom by the way are the number one most corrupt state legislature in the country.
  • Ken Oziah This is another bad move by the state and federal socialists…disarm law abiding citizens.
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Mike Doherty Hey Ken! It’s about stand you’re ground. Not the second amendment! Dumb ass!
  • George Pedro If Trayvon was not black this would not even be discussed right now. God forbid they would actually admit the kid was a thug and got what he deserved.
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Kelly Robinson What about self defense is wrong??? It shouldn’t matter where and when you and your family might be confronted with a deadly threat, if you have to wait for the police, you are only waiting for them to show up and clean up you and or your families murder!!!
    2 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Kelly Robinson One other thing……….just ask that these politicians give up their protection details……..heck, why not have everyone disarm??? Again, only the law abiding people are harmed by the lawmakers, not criminals!!!
    2 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Chris Wood democrats want a society of victims
  • Mike Doherty Republicans want a society of killers…
  • Dustin Davis If this passes I will become a instant outlaw no one can tell me where or how to defend someone’s life or my own! I will always stand my ground! Always!
  • Donna Watts Randolph Hell no!!!!Ive woke up in the middle of the night with a man in our home and it was no fun.Thank God Bill heard me screaming and came running with our gun and cocked the gun in the head or I dont know what would have happed had we not gotten the upper hand really quickly.
  • Dominic Foglia fuck democrats or should i say communists
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • Berta Keitt They can do what ever they want….But I will defend my family, myself, and friends if we were caught in a situation where someone is trying to harm us, by any means necessary……For Real.
    2 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Barbara Mangum Mike Doughty you need to read your history books !
  • Charles Richard Wolfe I will stand my ground against anybody going to bodily harm to me or my family
  • Dokpkj Nonya To be protected by SYG, you have to meet 2 criteria. First, the threat must be IMMINENT meaning that it is immediately about to happen. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right in your face. Next, you must have true fear, which any reasonable person could at least understand if face with the situation. It’s NOT what the dems make it out to be. It’s a law designed to keep, for example, rape victims from being victimized twice. Once by the attacker, and second by an inverted legal system that would require a victim to prove their innocence. The burden of proof lies on the State, not the victim.
  • Nicholas Koch The Castle Doctrine covers you for using deadly force to protect your home and/or property from imminent danger. It also extends to your vehicle, if someone opens your car door your right to defend yourself without retreat is covered under the Castle Doctrine. Stand Your Ground applies to the use of deadly force when witnessing a forcible felony (rape, armed robbery, carjacking, attempted murder, etc) in a PUBLIC place. Anyone who would try to repeal it either has a bigger agenda in mind, or has no clue what “survivors guilt” is. I would rather die than live knowing I could have saved another human being’s life but chose not to because I was legislated out of my right to defend myself, my loved ones, or the total stranger who may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. This feeling even extends to those who feel pity for the poor criminals that are killed because a Floridian with a gun didn’t retreat before shooting back. If you want this law repealed, you should speak to some sheriffs and police officers…both of which will admit 911 is a phone call away and the police are only there to for “cleanup” and investigating. Its extremely rare police arrive on scene to save a life…”I’d rather have you armed and prepared to defend yourself against the presence of evil than call me in hopes I can do something outside of my ability.” Sergeant Cruz of my local PD. By repealing this law you are only going to penalize the good guys who are willing to protect anybody around them. That, is despicable!
  • Dokpkj Nonya To the libs that don’t understand the painfully obvious concepts laid out in our Constitution or the Declaration of Independence (duty to revolution dictated by prudence), this law is everything that IS America; Better 10 guilty go free than one innocent wrongly sentenced. Isn’t it your side that claims to champion reversing wrongful convictions?
  • David Hopkins “like” this???
  • Jay Michael This is only the beginning. If Obama continues to demonize the republican party and can take the house back, then he WILL implement a confiscation of most firearms, magazine and ammunition! His liberal foot soldiers are attempting to trample on the 2nd amendment every day. Just look at New York and Colorado! Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying 1.5 billion rounds of ammo? They say to get a “discounted bulk price”. This would be the first time any federal government agency did anything like this to save money! I don’t buy that excuse!
  • Jim Willis vote everyone out who votes for the bill they all are over-reacting and its the people who will suffer not them
  • Gregory Hyer I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6… Keep the law as is.
    about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • Eric Dirga I’d rather not be a victim.
  • Scott Roscovius Great law. Why repeal it?
  • Scott Roscovius This man is my cousin. I’m very proud of him.

    WEST ALLIS (WITI) — A Marine Corps veteran was able to stop a man early Tuesday…See More
  • Scott Roscovius Would blasting your brains out with a shotgun be considered an “overt, violent gesture”? Just wondering.


  1. Rediculous…stand your ground is a good law…. why should I have to run. I have bad back to turn and run and get hit from behind. No stop , non-sense , drop the violent criminal right there on the spot.

  2. Typical democrat, they want to protect the criminals and punish the victims. These bills are wrong and should not be allowed. These idiot politicians need to be unseated or at least become vitims of a crime so that they can stop pandering to the criminals.

  3. What on earth has happened to ALL of you Democrats? “Stand your ground” laws should not be changed! It amazes me how all of you representatives jump on the band wagon of nothing else to do but continually try to stir up meaningless garbage! First you have the democrat who wants law abiding citizens to take anger management courses prior to purchasing ammo and now the 2 of you are wanting to change the laws completely! You dear Sirs will have be fought on these proposed changes as you are making changes in the highest crime areas! So you don’t want us to stand our ground while an intruder is in our home taking whatever they please and not knowing if they intend on terminating the “witness”? I have never seen so much stupidity in our current government. On what grounds I ask do you have for making these changes?

  4. I am a devout Democrat, but repealing the Stand Your Ground law is ridiculous… Historically, look at the violence and death victims suffered prior to the law when your life or life is in eminent danger of death or serious bodily harm…

  5. Repealing “Stand Your Ground” would be a mistake. Not just for the democrats that support these ridiculous bills, possible losing there position, but to the law abiding gun owners that own a weapons, specifically for self defense. You are asking the public to make a determination based on the fact that the individual breaking into your home is unarmed. However, knives and guns are easily concealed by the criminal and if I am forced to wrestle with, a possible armed intruder, it may be too late for me to arm myself. I also happen to have a daughter, who is too young to defend herself appropriately, so this would jeopardize her as well. Do not repeal this law!

  6. Once again the democrats have their heads up their @@@. So many problems in Florida and look what they find themselves playing to……..

  7. It would be a bad idea to change the “stand your ground” laws. This is what evens the playing field between citizen and outlaw.

  8. Well, I am sure that the criminals and thugs of Florida will applaud this proposal. It will then be much safer for them to harass and victimize honest, hard working citizens. Since I am sure that these criminals (at least the ones that haven’t been convicted of a felony, yet) will now vote for these clowns, I will assume that they won’t be needing my vote.

  9. Removing your right to defend yourself with lethal force is the first step to other oppression. The feds are talking about grabbing our 401k/retirement plans which they know will generate an revolutionary response. What better way to keep from having an armed insurrection than to disarm us before they ‘officially’ start to steal from us?

  10. Leave our rights to defend ourselves alone.. Even the LEO says to leave it alone. They can’t be everywhere before something happens. We have rights and will not give them up.

  11. Either way, I’m standing my ground and protecting my family. However, having the law on the side of good citizens defending themselves is preferred. The Dems are just taking advantage of the Martin tragedy to forward their anti-Constitutional agendas.

  12. Stand your ground law takes the advantage previously held by criminals and gives the victim a chance to defend themselves, and gives them a chance at surviving an attack. The criminals would love for the democrats to repeal this law; with this law in place, they must weigh the risk of attacking someone to the chance that they may attempt to defend themselves (HOW DARE THEY). With this law in place the perpetrator must prey on the weakest and least likely to have the ability (or inclination) to defend themselves. Trust me the criminally inclined do not like the “Stand Your Ground Law” any more then the Democrats do. Our economy is tanking and crime will go up, to take away the ability for potential victims to protect themselves from an assaultive or deadly attack would be ludicrous at best.
    Before the “Stand Your Ground Law” if a would be attacker pulled out a knife and held it in the air and stated they were going to kill them, the person being assaulted would have to turn their back to the person coming after them and run as fast as they can (even if they were a licensed concealed weapon holder and had a pistol on their person) if the person being assaulted trips and falls and the attacker catches up to them and is over them with a knife they still cannot shoot. If the attacker is holding the knife over the victim and states say your prayers because you are dead, they still cannot shoot. Only when the knife begins its downward motion to be plunged into your heart (the split second before your death) are you allowed to shoot the attacker. “Stand Your Ground Law” gives the potential victim the right to protect themselves, (from having to turn their backs to the assailant and hope they don’t plunge the knife into their back). It states that the criminal who does this to someone “DOES SO AT THEIR OWN PERIL” (How can this be bad?) if the persons getting attacked have the ability to defend themselves and have the audacity to NOT lie down and pray that they will not be a statistic or a victim of a gang initiation (or someone that obviously holds no value to human life). Yes there are gangs out there that have killing innocent people as a requirement for admission while committing a crime, and yes there are people out there that like to kill other people. You could beg for your life; but your fate would already be sealed. Or you could protect yourself and your life as long as OUR representatives do not side with the Criminals and repeal the stand your ground law.

  13. They are far more pressing matters to be worked on the state of Florida, than spending this type of amount of effort, and money repealing something that has shown more “Good Than Bad.” These Liberal democrats needs to reset their priorities in proper order, rather than wasting tax payers money.

  14. Florida just recorded its lowest year for gun violence since they started keeping records and they want to take our right to defend ourselves away because we can’t handle owning guns?????

    It is time to repeal theses idiots rights to propose stupid laws…

    Supreme Court has already ruled police are not obligated to protect citizens, their job is to investigate and solve crimes. It is our job to defend our families….. I will not surrender my right to defend my family ever…..

  15. if any one doesn’t want this law then you don’t have to have a gun to protect your family your decision..but when a bunch of thugs come into your house when you are sleeping and rape and kill your woman in front of you and kill your kids just think about how stupid you sound on this comment section..i will keep my guns and protect myself and friends and keep every right that people died for to give us..if you don’t like what the Constitution stands for get to hell out and shut your mouths…you don’t count..only Patriots count..i fought in Viet Nam for my Country and will do so here if need be..Democrats are raghead lovers and love their false evil god they made up…i am Proud of all that has commented against this stupid mess to change the law so you can’t protect you and your family and friends from evil people..I will be here to back you when the time comes to set this Country back to the way it is meant to be as the people that died and fought for it to be..i am ready ..hope you have been getting ready also…

  16. You are going to be the 1st one that I vote against in the upcoming elections so enjoy your short term … You come to my home and break into my home and I WILL SHOOT YOU ….. !! Stand on that……..

  17. Everyone outraged at this ridiculous attack against reason and common sense need to do more to have your voices heard. Call, email and write your state representatives. Call, email and Write your county representatives. Engage your local government. Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to stand with you. Shout from the rooftops that we are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Join us at and help put an end to this nonsense.

  18. My family has been in Florida over 100 years and my family has never been known to back down to any man. I will stand my ground regardless if they outlaw it because my God-given rights are not the government’s to take away.

  19. This is all being done because the death of one person. Yes it is a shame that this happened however FIREARM VIOLENCE in Florida is at the LOWEST POINT ON RECORD (

    This is a minuscule issue compared to the number of people killed every day by FDA approved drugs. (!

    What about GMO foods that are being consumed by unsuspecting Americans that have been known to cause hepatic, pancreatic, renal and reproductive effects and may alter haematological [blood], biochemical, and immunologic parameters ( and (


  20. I truly believe they are in for a fight from the people who live in their areas on this. I for one believe that once a person enters your home with the intent to steal, rape or do any type of harm to those living in the house they give up their rights and your right to defend yourself becomes the only right that matters. The same goes for someone who tries to harm you or endangers you and or your family outside of the home. If they are willing to take my life why do I not have the right to defend it with ultimate force. Unbelievable that politicians come up with the idea that they know what is best for the people without consulting the people for their opinion. Remember who serves who here guys, we gave you the job to serve our best interest, not do what you think will serve your political career. You won’t have a political career if you keep doing these types of things in my book.

  21. It is fine the way it is now. They want to take away our rights one by one. Turn the good citizen in to a bad guy. No, Thanks. Keep STAND YOUR GROUND alone!

  22. I don’t care what their stupid laws are, if someone comes in to my residence unauthorized they’re catching a bullet. I don’t care if I’m standing right next to a door and they aren’t even brandishing any type of weapon. Break in and die, simple as that.

  23. Repealed or not, if someone comes into my home without authorization by me they will be shot numerous times until dead.

  24. Leave it alone.. Politicians have messed up enough things for Americans already.. I WILL defend myself.. Bad guys don’t leave you alone just because you ask them to…Get real!!!

  25. It appears that the authors of these STUPID laws MUST have some Dumba&& law breakers in their family or some close friends that while attempting an attack were hurt or killed for their actions. So with that said how about writing a law that says if you do or are involved in any way with an attack and there is harm in any way to anyone YOU and your cohorts ALL will be responsible for ALL costs associated with harm to the person or persons also ALL the costs associated for the arrest and housing you in jail while awaiting trial to the state, county and city where the arrest was made along with All LEGAL costs on top of doing the time you get sentenced too. If this is too hard for you to understand the smart thing for you is DON’T DO THE CRIME if you cant afford the costs associated with doing it.

  26. It’s clear to me some Democrats are more concerabot the criminals rights than the defenseless people that would become victims! !!!

  27. An “overt gesture towards me” is anyone who breaks into my home while I am home. My thought is that they are their to harm me for protecting my property. I will shoot to harm or kill the intruder. The repeal of any part of the stand your ground law is wrong. It is not the problem. “Stand Your Ground Law” saves law abiding citizens lives and our CCPs also save law abiding citizens lives.

  28. I wonder if these “Dems” would be so eager to repeal the law if it had been a white boy that had been shot.

  29. Have any of you even taken the time to read the three bills? Nothing more than common sense changes that the majority of Floridians wanted o begin with.

  30. The Democrats are solidly against ANYTHING second amendment. I find it especially ironic the representatives trying to pass these laws are from the areas with the highest crime rates as well as entitlements. Yeah , I said it “THE HOOD”.
    So, why dont you people (“You people”, LOL!) get off yer asses and CONTRIBUTE to this society and quit sucking it dry. Stay off the crack, quit procreating bastard children, and QUIT STEALING STUFF!!!

  31. Have either of these hacks read the constitution? We all have a right to defend ourselves and our property under the second ammendment. If you take that right away, the only people who are out to either hurt you or steal from you will have the upper hand. I think it’s a rediculous theory that it will reduce crime.

  32. THis is a gool law for the people. It provides protection and act as a deterent because the Bad Guys know many people will fight for their propert and life.

    Save The law !!!

  33. They can repeal whatever they want. Someone tries stealing my stuff or that belonging to anyone in my family or threatening any member of my family they’re catching at least one bullet.

  34. Looks to me like we need to vote out some Dems… or they need to go back to school… I have the right to protect my self, my home and my family.

  35. Yea this it what we need. Make it easier for criminals to violate a person in their own home while the victim has to decide if this unknown thug who could easily kill you or a member of your family will cause them harm or ponder what the repercussions would be for the homeowner if they met the assailant with deadly force. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.

  36. I would be willing to bet they both have close family members whom are Perps or will be directly affected when some loser in their family tree is blown away and deserved it.

  37. Enforce current gun laws! Leave stand your ground alone. With violent crime on the rise we have every right to feel secure in protecting our families! These clowns should work on getting African American families on board with maintaining a family unit! And I say our whole country needs to embrace the family unit in a more responsible way. All these single mom children born out of wedlock are a disaster coming to America. Especially urban areas….lets get back to some religion and strong family values!!!!!

  38. The only reason these two idiots are doing this is to save their criminal family members from getting shot while doing crime.

  39. Wow are they for real from one of the highest crime areas that is the dumbest thing ever
    really good luck on your re election democrat Seminole co

  40. No way in hell. I and my entire family here in Florida and everyone I know will vote out anyone supporting laws which infringe on law abiding citizens the ability to protect ourselves, our property, and friends and family from harm.

    The Martin case is being looked over even with the law in place. It proves that, even with the current laws and the fact that you were in your right, you better be far into the right or you will be scrutinized.

    There’s been a bunch of “reverse racism” in this case. When they thought Zimmerman was white he was considered the devil. Then, oops, he wasn’t. We need to get rid of the racist hate in America like that of the NAACP and any other group that supports the advancement of any race above others. NAACP is just the African American version of the KKK at this point. Oppose any race driven group and their attempt to disarm the community so that citizens can protect themselves.

  41. Recall these two Democrats who probably get their support from those that would be committing the crimes where they might get shot.

  42. It is amazing that those who have armed security personnel assigned to them or can afford to hire armed security personnel want to take the right of self defense away from the rest of us. I know that I cannot physical confront an attackers and am too out of shape to run from him. I guess I have to let them beat me up and rob me. All the police can do is investigate the crime. They cannot stop crime. I guess I can also pay for the priviledge of being beat up when the medical bills come.

  43. Sure, let’s wait to be stab in the neck first before you can stand your ground and defend yourself or your family. Criminals in case they haven’t notice, do not tell their victims what they’re about to do, they just do it. Let these guys be a victim of crime and see how they change their mind.

  44. I just have one question for you. Have you ever heard of or read the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution? Once again our Politicians want to limit the freedom of the people. I would hope your constituents would wake up and replace you with common sense.

  45. I now believe that most Democrats are either total stupid and like sheep, or use their socialist agenda for personal financial gain, like Nancy Pelosi.

    Listen to these politicians; stupid is as stupid does.

    The Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman incident was turned into a racial incident by the locals, media & President Obama. It was not a racial issue until they made it one.
    Trayvon Martin was a thug, a product of his own environment.

    George Zimmerman is a prisoner of Political Correctness / Political Justice.

    Watch, there will be riots in the streets whether Zimmerman is convicted or acquitted because they made it into a racial issue.

  46. Here we go again this time in Florida WISHING TO DO WITH THE SECOND AMMENDMENT OR AT LEAST WEAKEN IT FURTHER. They wish to take away our Civil Right to protect ourselves They wish to reproduce Castro’s Cuba.This is again another fascist measure to be in concert with the Obama dictatorship

  47. In Florida, is a person allowed to attack someone coming at them with a gun? I guess not, cause then they have a right to kill you.


  48. These people lack common sense and rational thinking. If you pass these laws they are proposing you will be empowering criminals and leaving innocent people defenseless victims of violent crime! If this is what they call good legislation, then I want to propose a Florida law that prohibits all Florida residents from having locks on their homes and make it mandatory for everyone to leave their keys inside their vehicles. This would eliminate criminals having to break and enter thereby lessening the possibility of violent confrontations with property owners!!! That makes perfect sense doesn’t it? If you can think the way these legislators do!!!

  49. This is another example of political pandering to a self identified hyphenated-American group.

    My family is mixed race and I clearly see that the darker skinned members are seen with more suspicion. I ALSO see that many of their friends were raised to carry a chip on their shoulder and see offense where none exists.

    I do believe there is a race problem; I do believe it is worsened by the choices/training/culture of many ‘whatever-Americans’ who want to believe that every negative action is based on their color. Really, it’s not.

    If people forget they are a ‘whatever-American’,and concentrate on being American; I think much of the racism will disappear as the self-identification as an ‘other’ race disappears.

  50. I agree with the 2nd and 3rd amendment. I won’t vote for anyone who doens’t believe in standing their ground. After 26 break-in’s in our area alone, you won’t be changing anyone’s mind in our neighborhood.

  51. The problem here with trying to vote out these types of morons is they come from communities that have a limited pool of candidates to choose from. They are simply pawns of the black establishment and the NAACP. Folks if you want to make a difference and stop this kind of stupidity start making the media accountable. This can be done by organizing and emailing corporations that pay for advertising on stations that promote race baiting politicos like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc. Tell them you simply will not buy their products if they continue to support this idiocy. This can work for other issues that the media has chosen to ignore for political advantage for the democratic party. Most politicians are worthless and the party doesn’t really matter it seems. If you really think you and yours is still free you are fooling yourselves. We are all enslaved and most don’t even know it. Figure it out and do something about it. I could go deeper and even go on and on. TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK STARTS WE EACH ONE OF US. DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  52. A couple days ago a Dominoes pizza delivery guy in central Fl. is being robbed at knifepoint by an innocent black guy just trying to borrow his money. Pizza delivery guy blows him away. THAT IS WHAT THESE LAWMAKERS WANT TO STOP,YOU BEING ABLE TO SHOOT THE INNOCENT THUGS THAT WANT TO “JUST BORROW YOUR MONEY”! NNNNNNOOOOOOTTTTTT!

  53. the important thing is to make sure that not enough of these liberal moronic politicians get elected to affect change in the law. Get out and vote when the time comes. If you don’t the assholes will and one day your rights will be gone.

  54. Are you kidding me? Do they not pay attetion to Chicago and other places that have extreme gun control? The only way to stop a guy with a gun is to have a gun to shoot him with. Am I suppose to hide and hope instead aim and fire? Idiots all you gun grabbers. Get over it. But I know at least two guys that will be voted out of office.

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