Can Florida Trust Charlie Crist with Another Term as Governor?

By  //  April 10, 2013


BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA –Former Governor and failed Senate Candidate Charlie Crist is rumored to be eyeing a run for the office of  Florida Governor.  After Crist’s shift on many policy positions, do you think he can be trusted with another term? Conservative political blogger Javier Manjerras and Liberal Activist Amy Tidd offer their opposing views on this issue.

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NO – Florida Can’t Trust Charlie Crist

 By Javier Manjarres

How can any Floridian possibly trust Charlie “Chameleon” Crist to keep his promises if he decides to run for governor, especially after he abandoned Floridians to run for the U.S. Senate at a time when the state was struggling with an unemployment rate of 12 percent?

There really is no one on the Democratic side that could counter Crist’s likability or considerable statewide name identification. It will be very interesting to see what kind of campaign Crist will attempt to mount, considering the fact that he has waffled on just about every single issue that he has every stood on.

Here are some of Crist past “socially moderate” positions-before he launched his 2010 Senatorial campaign.

  • Opposed gay adoption.
  • Upheld Florida’s Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Defend parental notification rights.
  • Crist opposed abortions in all circumstances except when a woman’s life was in danger.

Despite these positions, Crist had the audacity to claim the the GOP “left him” when he was a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention.

Javier Manjarres is the managing editor of The Shark Tank. Manjarres was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Manjarres is a first generation American and credits his conservative political philosophy to his parents who legally immigrated to the United States from Colombia and raised him with strict conservative values.

YES – Florida Can Trust Charlie Crist

  By Amy Tidd

Charlie Crist has not yet filed for Governor, but the Republican Party of Florida is already worried about the prospect. The only Democratic candidate to file so far is Senator Nan Rich, but the GOP can’t stop talking about the threat of Charlie Crist beating their popular as plague candidate Rick Scott. Why is that? The answer lies in the fact that Charlie Crist was a very successful Governor, and left office with high approval ratings from the citizens of Florida. His accomplishments of Everglades’s restoration, improving Florida’s graduation rates, and lowering crime rates to the lowest in 14 years were important, but his popularity also rested in another area. Charlie governed as a man of the people, and cared about what the citizens of Florida wanted. He called a special session to protect our beautiful beaches from oil drilling after the people petitioned him to do this because of the Gulf oil spill, and he worked to increase voting rights for all people. He is – For the People!

Amy Tidd is a Brevard County Progressive political consultant and strategist. She is a Navy Veteran and lives in the great city of Rockledge with her husband Steve and her two children.

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  1. Dear Javier, lets be clear it was Republicans who rejected Charlie not the other way around. When you and your teabaggers went off the deep end he did not follow, and somehow he should be faulted for that? Your party supported the impudent Rubio over their Governor and leader.

  2. Charlie stood up for teachers and the middle class. Something the republicans in this state never do. Margaret….being 80 years old is admirable but it doesn’t mean you’re an informed voter. I bet you voted for Rick Scott.

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