Senate Approves Bill To Block EBT Cards From Strip Clubs, Casinos

By  //  April 8, 2013


LEON COUNTY  TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA  – Florida Senate Bill 1048 passed the the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee with unanimous 9-0 vote of approval Monday.

UPDATE: Governor Rick Scott signed Florida House Bill  701,  which is similar bill to Senate Bill 1048.  HB 701 bans welfare recipients from using EBT cards at “adult entertainment establishments” like strip clubs and casinos.

Introduced by Florida Senator Andy Gardiner (R-Orlando) , Senate Bill 1048 seeks to prohibit welfare recipients from using debit-like electronic cards to access cash benefits at strip clubs, liquor stores and gambling establishments.

The bill ‘s official language reads:

“Providing that an electronic benefits transfer card may not be used or accepted at certain establishments licensed under the Beverage Law, an adult entertainment establishment, a pari-mutuel facility, a slot machine facility, an unauthorized commercial bingo facility, a casino, a gaming facility or gambling facility, or any gaming activities authorized under part II of ch. 285, etc.”

If  Florida Senate Bill 1048 is signed into law by Governor Scott, it will go into effect in October, 2013.

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  1. I don’t see why not, the … sell them and buy drugs with the money, at least SOME of the money will go for education.

  2. It’s ABOUT time someone started shutting down the Voting-For-Freestuff-As-A-Job SCAM the Marxists and The Left have been using for over a decade to keep the poor and the minorities On The Gov Plantation and voting in their Robin Hood enablers into office. We have to take back the country before we are completely insolvent. But I think it took too long to wake everyone up to what’s been going on and we’re too far gone now to ever recover the social and cultural fabric of the country before the debt-curve hammers our currency and life-style into dirt. The Left has been coaching the have-not-will-not class for a long time on how to “just take the money and make nice” as an alternative to rioting and openly engaging in crime. The EBT Culture has been trading cards, PIN #s and pawned goods for a long time from everything from sexual favors, drugs, cigs, beer, condoms and smut. Our culture is trashed and there’s not enough social glue, duct-tape and bail wire to hold this country together much longer. At some point the middle-class just says “I’ve had enough of the 30 year mortgage treadmill and sharecropper status – bail me out and give me free stuff too”. Jails, prisons and FEMA Interment Camps – the next form of public housing and free-lunch programs….

  3. Food only sir. Want to go there and can afford to bring cash, your own that you earn. Don’t use my government money to fun your play time.

  4. I like the bill people rip off the giv tht don’t need it but the working poor can’t get anything I’m sorry if you can afford to go there or get your nails done or anything like tht yu don’t hurt tht bad for money

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