Rockledge, Melbourne Soccer Clubs Join Forces

BSA will now field 50 competitive teams

ABOVE VIDEO: The 2012 championship match between Rockledge and Palm Bay Club teams.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – As the 2012/2013 soccer season comes to an end, I would like to thank all of our club coaches, trainers, board members and club members for a very successful season.

Over the past few years I have watched hundreds of soccer games and have had the pleasure of watching so many of our local players grow into amazing athletes. Being part of this club has shown me that we have such a wide variety of talent within our Rockledge family. Our soccer family has players that play for multiple reasons everything from exercise, having fun, or preparing for hope of playing in college one day.

The one thing that I have watched over the years is that things are constantly changing. Athletes are getting stronger, coaches are getting more educated, and the level of competition is increasing.


Rockledge Soccer Club
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Clubs all over the United State are merging together to form alliances in order to increase the player pool that they are picking their teams from. Although Rockledge has remained very competitive, I feel we need to be able to offer that next level of State Cup play here locally. I have watched even this year as clubs like Melbourne Beach and MEGU have worked together to do what was in the best interest of their players.

As I talked with fellow club members and board members it became evident the best way to make this happen is to align with like minded clubs that share the same beliefs that our Rockledge family does. Our like-minded ideas have brought us the Brevard Soccer Alliance.


In fact, we are pleased to announce today that the boards of Rockledge Soccer Club and Melbourne United Soccer Club have agreed to join forces as the first members of the Alliance. Several other local clubs are also considering joining. With this merger, BSA will field over 50 competitive teams and will have over 500 youth players in recreational soccer. Combined, the clubs will have over 1,500 youth playing soccer at six different locations.


• Opportunities for players to grow within one organization from the junior age through their collegiate playing career
• Leveraging the talent of soccer professionals and improving coach education
• Creating highly competitive teams capable of consistently competing for regional and state championships
• Providing resources, such as multiple venues for soccer training and development for players at all program levels and abilities
• Minimizing the duplication of expenses


BSA will consist of a merger of like-minded Brevard clubs who share the philosophy that soccer is about what’s best for our kids and is not for maximizing the financial gain or ego of adults.

U9 Academy Boys had a successful weekend at the Phoenix Cup Tournament in Palm Bay culminating in a 3-2 Victory
U9 Academy Boys had a successful weekend at the Phoenix Cup Tournament in Palm Bay culminating in a 3-2 Victory.

Under BSA, the participating Clubs will maintain their member-elected boards to ensure ties to and representation of our local communities. BSA will be an “umbrella” organization governed by a council of the club presidents. Clubs may keep their name & colors but will also adopt the BSA name.

When it comes to selecting teams for the highest level of competition, the club DOCs will form a council to figure out the state cup teams and
coaches. State cup teams will play in the BSA uniform, not under any
one club’s name.

Central to the BSA concept is the idea of cooperation among clubs. There are many details to work out before we seek FYSA approval in
August but we are confident that with a spirit of cooperation we will build a new future for youth soccer in Brevard.

For more information log on to or call 321-243-2940