Ethanol Requirements for Gas Stations Repealed

By  //  June 5, 2013


ABOVE VIDEO:  Ethanol’s hidden costs are examined and critiqued by government watchdog John Stossel. Effective July 31, drivers in Brevard and the rest of Florida will notice that Ethanol is no longer required in gasoline.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Gas stations throughout Florida will no longer be required to use a minimum of 10 percent ethanol in their gasoline. Representative Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne was a Co-Sponsore of the bill.

Gov. Rick Scott
Gov. Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott signed Florida HB 4001, which repeals the Renewable Fuel Standard Act. The bill’s summary text reads

“An act relating to the Florida Renewable Fuel Standard Act; repealing ss. 526.201-526.207, F.S., the Florida Renewable Fuel Standard Act, to remove the requirement that all gasoline offered for sale in this state include a percentage of ethanol, subject to specified exemptions, waivers, suspensions, extensions, enforcement, and reporting; amending s. 206.43, F.S.; conforming a cross-reference; providing an effective date.”

Florida State Representative Tom Goodson, R- Titusville, supported the bill for several reasons. During an interview with, Goodson said

Rep. Tom Goodson

“I voted for because there is no employment in the state for ethanol manufacturing. It takes so much to go in a gallon of then it run prices of the food up. Itccauses prob lawnmowers and 2 cycle enignes. I think we need to find a better economic way for fuel than ethanol.”



  • Ethanol can’t be transferred via pipeline and must be transported to processing centers via tractor trailer.
  • A University of Minnesota study concluded that converting all of America’s corn into ethanol would meet only 12% of country’s gasoline demand.
  • University of California -Berkeley researchers determined Only five percent to 26 percent of the energy content of ethanol is renewable. ()