Throwback Thursday: Video of A1A, Cocoa Beach in 1960’s

By  //  July 11, 2013

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ABOVE VIDEO: An excerpt from the 1965 film “Frankenstein meets the Space Monster” shows a wide variety of iconic establishments along the A1A stretch through Cocoa Beach. (Video courtesy of Futurama Productions & Dark Sky Films.)

The 1965 film “Frankenstein meets the space monster” didn’t receive much critical acclaim, but the science fiction film captured many of Cocoa Beach’s most popular hotels and restaurants in one of its scenes.

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(Image Courtesy of Futurama Productions  )
(Image Courtesy of Futurama Productions )

An excerpt from Wikipedia describes the movie’s plot.

All of the women on the planet Mars have died in an atomic war, except for Martian Princess Marcuzan (Marilyn Hanold). Marcuzan and her right hand man, Dr. Nadir (Lou Cutell), decide they will travel to Earth and steal all of the women on the planet in order to continue the Martian race. The Martians shoot down a space capsule manned by the android Colonel Frank Saunders (Robert Reilly), causing it to crash in Puerto Rico. Frankenstein’s electronic brain and the left half of his face are damaged after encountering a trigger-happy Martian and his ray gun. Frank, now “Frankenstein”, described by his creator as an “astro-robot without a control system” proceeds to terrorize the island. A subplot involves the martians abducting bikini clad women.

The title’s space monster refers to the radiation-scarred mutation ‘Mull’ brought along as part of the alien invasion force. The Frankenstein android and Mull confront one another at the climax.”

Many residents of Brevard will recall the signs for Mousetrap Steakhouse, Polaris Motel, Starlight Hotel and street signs that directed drivers to the area of Cape Canaveral that was known as “Cape Kennedy” at the time.

(*Image courtesy of Futurama Productions & Dark Sky Films)
(Image courtesy of Futurama Productions & Dark Sky Films)


(*Image courtesy of Futurama Productions & Dark Sky Films)
(Image courtesy of Futurama Productions & Dark Sky Films)

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