Gov. Scott Touts Florida Jobs, Tourism During Titusville Visit

By  //  June 6, 2014

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Scott touts growth in jobs, tourism

ABOVE VIDEO: Florida Governor Rick Scott speaks to local business leaders, state representatives and supporters during a speech at Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant in Titusville, Florida. 

BREVARD COUNTY • TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA — Governor Rick Scott touted Florida’s job growth and rebounding tourism industry during a speech at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville.

rick-scott-brevard-countyScott gathered with local leaders of the community, including members of the Titusville Chamber of Commerce, Titusville mayor Jim Tully, Brevard County Property Appraiser Dana Blickley, State Senator Thad Altman and State Representative Tom Goodson.

During Scott’s speech, the governor highlighted several areas of economic growth the state enjoyed during the past three years, including new 94.7 million tourists in 2013 and a record number for the first months of 2014.

Rick Scott
Rick Scott

“We hope to break 100 million tourists this year” Scott said. “It means more jobs at a more sites. It means our hotels are busy, our shops are busy and people decide they want to move here.  Tourism still drives a lot of our economy. We’ve gotten a lot of things done, but it wouldn’t have happened without your state legislature.”

Scott cited Northrop Grumman’s recent expansion and addition of 1,400 employees for Project Magellan as an example of the 350 companies that have either come to Florida or expanded as a result of a program known as “Enterprise Florida.”

Titusville Mayor Tully Presents Gov. Scott with T-Shirt featuring Titusville's logo.
Titusville Mayor Jim Tully Presents Gov. Scott with T-Shirt featuring Titusville’s logo. ( image)

“We’ve added a lot of jobs, especially in this part of the state,” Scott said. “People want to be here because of your workforce. You have  a great talent pool on top of great elected local officials. We also have great chambers across the state. We are promoting our state well, and 80 percent of our jobs are small business jobs…We have to continue to make Florida the best place for small businesses.”

Dixie Crossroads owner Laurilee Thompson praised the Governor’s efforts to grow tourism in Florida.

Laurilee Thompson
Laurilee Thompson

“I can’t thank you enough Governor Scott for what you have done with tourism,” Thompson said. “I’ve been on the Brevard County Tourism Development Board for 14 years now, and we’ve had the best year ever for tourism in the state of Florida.”

BELOW VIDEO: State Rep. Tom Goodson touts Gov. Scott’s record on job creation.

Titusville mayor Jim Tulley thanked the governor for his efforts to help the area recover from the loss of the shuttle program.

“This was the epicenter for job loss from space” Tulley said. “We as a community are working very hard to diversify our economy, and that’s why we applaud you for what you’ve done to bring jobs back to Florida. We’re pleased that you’re supporting the waters and the Indian River Lagoon. Not only is it environmentally important to us, but it’s a vital part of our economy. You’re doing all the right things, and we appreciate it.”

BELOW VIDEO: Laurilee Thompson, owner of Dixie Crossroads restaurant in Titusville, praised the Scott’s efforts to grow tourism in Florida.

BELOW VIDEO: Titusville Mayor Jim Tulley touts Titusville’s attractions to Gov. Scott.

BELOW VIDEO: State Senator Thad Altman vocalizes his support of Governor Scott during a meeting in Titusville.

BELOW VIDEO: Governor Rick Scott discusses Florida tourism and job growth with Space Coast Daily’s Matt O’Hern.