VIDEO: Daredevil Jumps Off Cliff, Using Only A Kite

By  //  January 1, 2015

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stunning leap off a mountain in Turkey

GOKOVA BAY, TURKEY – A daredevil sportsman plunged off a 900 meter cliff (about 3,000 feet) – higher than the world’s tallest building – with nothing more than an inflatable KITE to break his fall.

Fearless Marek Zach, 34, is a kite-surfing champion and usually uses his 14 meter-wide canopy to glide above waves or snow for around ten seconds at a time.

Marek Zach
Marek Zach

But the father-of-one is claiming he became the first person to complete an extreme jump with just a flimsy windbreak after his stunning leap off a mountain in Turkey.

Holidaymakers gasped as he flung himself into the air and battled with competing winds and sharp rocks which could easily have snapped his strings.

*As Marek says DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME he is a professional kiter who is used to jumping like this with kites all over the world, he’s also a professional paraglider and understands the thermals, turbulence and winds that he came across on his journey…*