Craig Technologies Supports Army Commanders Readiness Training

By  //  April 14, 2015

recognized with a performance bonus

ABOVE VIDEO: Craig Technologies develops innovative learning tools for the U.S. Army Combined Arms Products for Distributed Learning (CAPdL) program. This demo shows the interactive and portable e-ROTC multimedia electronic books used by Cadets for real-time learning and increased cost-savings.

Craig Technologies is supporting the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas under a multiyear subcontract with Booz Allen Hamilton to provide Army Training Management instruction.

CRAIG-TECHNOLOGIES-275-1Senior training analysts with Craig Technologies work as part of a mobile training team that conduct live instruction to help units and command selectees at both the officer and senior non-commissioned officer level throughout the Army to use the computer-based readiness training planning system.

The exceptional support provided by Craig Technologies personnel has been recognized with a performance bonus.

Dean Rosenquist
Dean Rosenquist

“As the Army moves to adopt a 21st Century learning environment for maximum effectiveness and cost-savings, we are pleased to provide the proven instructional support needed to continue the legacy of the World’s finest fighting force,” said COO Dean Rosenquist.

Since 2011, Craig Technologies has supported the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command’s (TRADOC) Combined Arms Products for Distributed Learning (CAPdL) program as a prime contractor providing the Army Training Support Center (ATSC) with a wide range of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) Test & Evaluation support in accordance with TRADOC’s Systems Approach to Training (SAT) process.