This Day In History: 1st Issue of LIFE Magazine Published

By  //  November 23, 2015


On November 23, 1936, LIFE magazine, widely-regarded as one of the most iconic publications in the United States,  published its first issue.

The original issue featured a cover photo of the Fort Peck Dam by Margaret Bourke-White.

Below is a description from

Life actually had its start earlier in the 20th century as a different kind of magazine: a weekly humor publication, not unlike today’s The New Yorker in its use of tart cartoons, humorous pieces and cultural reporting. When the original Lifefolded during the Great Depression, the influential American publisher Henry Luce bought the name and re-launched the magazine as a picture-based periodical on this day in 1936. By this time, Luce had already enjoyed great success as the publisher of Time, a weekly news magazine.”