Astronaut Hall of Fame Mock Shuttle Being Transformed Into Traveling Educational Tool

By  //  January 14, 2016

'Inspiration' to tour America's rivers on barge


COLLECTSPACE.COM – A full-size model of a NASA space shuttle may soon journey on the waterways of the United States, embarking on a mission of education and “Inspiration.”

The mock-up orbiter “Inspiration,” which for two decades sat parked outside the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Titusville, Florida, west of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, will begin its transformation into an educational outreach tool and the showpiece for a company developing new communications technologies for future missions into deep space.

“It is kind of an educational and promotional thing,” said John Pederson, the chief executive officer of LVX System, which has an agreement with NASA to study applications for visual light communication — using LED light to stream data — for missions to Mars and other destinations.

Pederson envisions outfitting the Inspiration with a state-of-the-art theater and touring it, atop a barge, up and down America’s rivers to bring the 120-foot-long mock-up to areas where people may have never seen a shuttle up-close and in-person.

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