The Children’s Hunger Project Delivers Nearly 56,000 Packages During 2015-16 School Year

By  //  June 2, 2016

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Breaks previous record of 48,234

ABOVE VIDEO: The Children’s Hunger Project was a 2015 Central Florida Humanitarian Award winner. 

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The Children’s Hunger Project, a local charity that provides weekend packages of food for kids that teachers know are coming to school hungry on Monday mornings, has announced that 55,957 packages of food were delivered during the 2015-2016 school year.  This tops the charity’s previous record of 48,234 packages delivered during the prior school year.

In addition to food deliveries during the school year, thousands of additional packages of food will be distributed during the summer as the charity, with support from Project Hunger, works with the Feed and Read program of United Way.

According to Executive Director Bob Barnes, “this milestone represents the efforts of hundreds of volunteers who are always ready to do the work needed to help our local kids plus the financial generosity of the community.

Bob Barnes
Bob Barnes

“Our partnership with United Way and Project Hunger plus the ongoing delivery support of the Central Brevard Sharing Center enables us to address the growing and critical problem of Brevard’s kids being hungry and undernourished.”

Brevard County teachers are appreciative of the food provided by The Children’s Hunger Project, since without proper nutrition, the jobs of teachers are much more difficult.  Poor nutrition leads to a weaker immune system, difficulty in learning and paying attention in class.  Hungry kids are sick more often and have lower academic achievement.

CLICK HERE to learn more at the Childrens Hunger Project.

The Children’s Hunger Project provides packages of food each Friday to Brevard County elementary school age children who are undernourished and coming to school hungry on Monday mornings.

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The food packages empower children to have some nutrition for the weekend no matter the family circumstances.  The charity raises money locally with all funds distributed exclusively in Brevard County.  You can reach Bob Barnes through the website.


ABOVE VIDEO: During one recent project, this time lapse video in a local Brevard County gym shows the amount of volunteers and food used to feed those in need. ( Children Hunger Project Video)